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Bit torrent file?

Asked by clairedete (331points) June 19th, 2008

What does it mean when it says, as I’m adding a mininova file to transmission, “unregistered torrent pass” ?

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basically it’s a subscription torrent/you need some sort of pass/key to use it. That’s what the google gods have led me to believe.

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torrents used to be great for me, but now, since I have comcast ISP, i dont ever use torrents.. very rarely only when I cannot find the desired item with direct downloads. (i’ve heard) that comcast rats out their customers to the authorities if they catch you downloading via torrents. just a little FYI!

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@dingus – aww geez, i use comcast.. this is only the first day I’ve been using torrents too after a looonnnng search for something to use other than Limewire. any suggestions for me ? would prefer single songs as opposed to albums. something not very complicated too..

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I have used Comcast for the last five years. I always have Bittorrent running. Never had a problem other than them throttling my upload. But that seems better now.

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well, I don’t use torrents any more, but I do have a great site for direct downloads, u can down singles and albums. Sign up for free, and I mean FREE at It may not load right now but if you wait, it should show up again soon. Hope that helps! Pm me to get some more info or any other questions.

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correction, its up and running, no problems! Its got apps, games, movies, and more. Cheers!

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