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Trying to Evict a roommate?

Asked by JAS08on (18points) August 6th, 2013

Hello, I’m Jason, and I live in Virginia, and I have a Tenant and Landlord question. I had to evicted my roommate back in February 2013, because she was causing problems in the neighborhood. I am on the lease and she is not on the lease at the apartment complex, but she was living there. I gave her an Eviction Notice and she had 30 days to move out. But, in June of 2013 she moved back in, even though I did not want her to move back in. She has been staying for 32 days now and the Property Manager at the apartment complex wants her out. So my question is, do I have to serve her another 30 day Eviction Notice, or can I just tell her she has to leave now? And also can I just put her belongings out NOW? Because the Property Manager said that she is Trespassing. And again, I live in Virginia.

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Where do you live? L&T law varies considerably among states and their municipal jurisdictions.

By the way, you’re the tenant, and she’s your subtenant. Your landlord doesn’t have a direct relationship or agreement with her.

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Where are you?

Most places this would be a quick police matter as she is not on the lease and is not a legal resident of the apartment.

I do not know if you can toss her belongings out now as I do not know where you are.

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I live in Virginia.

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Not familiar with that locality, but in most states no lease, no rights.

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