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Dog urine killing grass. Help!

Asked by zanyo1 (75points) June 19th, 2008 from iPhone

We have two female dogs that are killing our new sod. I know qe could take them out on a leash and take them to a good place to go to the bathroom but that is not going to happen. We want them to be able to go outside any time that they want. That is why have a dog door so that they can go in or out as they please. We have a big back yard and they are causing brown spots (dead grass) everywhere. Please help. Thanks!

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Two possible options:

There are pills at pet stores that work if fed regularly.

Also reports have shown some success with adding ketchup to diet.

Both neutralize the urine so that it does not burn the grass

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I had the exact same problem, I did not want to give my dog the pills so I talked to my vet and surprisingly the vet suggested adding a small amount of sugar free apple juice to the dogs water…..I still have some spots that “thin” out a little more than the really green areas but I have ZERO dead areas. I honestly did not think it would work, it also managed to get my dog to drink water more often which helped him not get dander at the start of the summer months like normal—not sure if that was merely coincidence or not.

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Or you can hit the grass with water where they go to dilute it but that’s a hell of a job.

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Thank you all for the help. All of the suggestions sound great and easy. I can’t wait to try them!

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Actually I have an amazing tip for just this problem. If you want to restore the spot to a healthy color, pour beer over it and it will come back. Give it a try!

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Oh now I am torn.

Part of me is aghast at the blatant waste of beer but another part of me is real curious to see if it works just from a scientific point of view. We do the pills and have a nice lawn so I have no laboratory to experiment in.

Will someone with the problem please try this and post?

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Use Budweiser, then. Problem solved.

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We will give the beer a try! Let you know what happens!

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I have 3 large female dogs and tried several “generic” techniques. The best product/ solution I have found is K9 Yard Grass Seed Patch. It contains organic gypsum and perennial grass seeds that grow fast. The gypsum it turns out naturally neutralizes pet urine. (very simple and ok for the environment) It works really well. I purchased 2 small bags that cover 90 spots per bag. I found this product on but since I found they also have a web site

Good luck with whatever you try!

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I have two large black labs and they always seem to pee in the same spot, leaving large brown patches behind. I have gone through a lot of products and the results where not what I was looking for. I came accross a product called the Natural Green Grass Patch, that actually turns the grass green on the spot (no waiting) and at the same time it is turning the actually brown grass that is now covered up green again. So you are getting a quick fix and the root problem is getting taken care of. Hope this helps! Or by the way, their URL is

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