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Do you have 'psychic' moments?

Asked by KNOWITALL (29567points) August 13th, 2013

Do any of these sound familiar? Or similar to an experience?
Is it coincidence or do you think you may be a little psychic?
Do you ever feel like you’ve already lived through a particular experience?

“It’s funny you should ask that today of all days…”
“How did you know that?”
“Why did you just use those words?”

*If you answered yes to any of these, can you tell me if you’ve ever had a brain injury, or a near-death experience?
**Have you ever been confirmed as a psychic or confirmed a certain ability?

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Yes. I just knew this question was going to be sppoook-ay freak-ay.

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I get the “How did you know that” all the time. Most of it is simple reasoning, but once in a while I take a shot for no reason and I get it right. I’ve had a bunch of concussions but I doubt that has anything to do with it and the near death experience was recent. I could water witch as a kid.

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Okay guys, does it seem to be getting more frequent as you get older?

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Did you have any kind of head trauma?

I’ve heard head trauma and near-death can open your third eye, that’s why I’m asking.

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It hasn’t happened since this last concussion, maybe it closed my third eye.:) It’s always been pretty steady, just every once in a while.

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I have noticed that if I think of someone to whom I have not spoken, or even thought of, in a while I will get a call or text from them within the day.

Of course, maybe I just don’t remember the ones who don’t call.

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Do you feel there is a link between head injuries and psychic ability?
I have had a few moments of strange foresight where I hear telephone numbers etc before another person says them. NOT lottery numbers for some reason!!
I have only had a couple of concussions, but don’t think it has improved these “feelings” I sometimes get.

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So don’t think of this as bragging, but give me a few ‘for instances’ if you have time.

Here’s mine: My co-worker walked up to me in the middle of a busy afternoon and without talking I handed her what she wanted. She was shocked, and I was dismayed and told her not to tell anyone.

I did have major head trauma at age 4 that left me paralyzed for a week and damaged the entire back of my head. This would be the only repercussion of the injury, and it does seem to be getting more frequent as I get older, and harder to hide.

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OK, KNOWITALL…...I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 100


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@OneBadApple It seems to be I have to be facing you to read your mind…lol
I’ll try it anyway if you like but I’m not confident, it doesn’t generally work when I think about it too much.

How about you message @Adirondackwannabe your number, and I’ll message him a number, and he can let us know how close we were?

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I knew that you were gonna say all that…..

OK, I’ll do it.

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You guys were only 42 numbers apart. The number was 27. I went with 72.

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But WAIT a minute…..they ARE the correct digits, right ??

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Maybe I still have some ability but it’s scrambled.

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@Adirondackwannabe hahaha, that’s funny. I’ve never had anything special feelings online, except that I do visualize all of you when we talk, so I’m not that surprised.

And you two did use the same digits, that’s kind of cool

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I started with 66 but then I kept getting 72 so I went with that. Last time I did it online was a jelly asked me to guess what color her eyes were. I said I’m getting green. She said how did you do that? It was just what I was feeling.

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This is interesting:

You see, psychic abilities have been shown to be a form of synesthesia. Syne-what you say? Synesthesia is a fascinating neurological condition. People with synesthesia (called synesthetes) have a cross-wiring in their brain. This might enable them for instance to “see” sounds or smells, to “hear” colors and to “feel” other people’s feelings.

People with synesthesia see the world in a different way. Often they go insane. But with time and treatment they learn to use their gift to see the world differently. Many of the world’s greatest artists have been synesthetes. These includes painters David Hockney and Wassily Kandinsky, musicians like Billy Joel, and great inventors such as Nikola Tesla.

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Well, I for one am totally freaked out.

“synesthesia”??.......runs away frightened

P.S. I look exactly like my avatar

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In the 70’s we called that an acid trip @KNOWITALL!

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I knew that Frank Dodd was killing all of those women in Castle Rock after touching the bench that he had been sitting on.

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I made Diana Ross miss that shot at the 94 World Cup opening ceremony just by sheer fucking will alone.

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Diana Ross is a singer @ucme, not a golfer. You’re thinking of Tiger Woods. They’re both black, so it’s easy to get confused. ducks and runs awaaaayyyyy!!!

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I’ll try my best to approach this without offending. I have a few questions though…

@rojo: “I have noticed that if I think of someone to whom I have not spoken, or even thought of, in a while I will get a call or text from them within the day.”

Could it be possible that the person you are thinking about also thought of you as well and called you because some time has passed and it felt unusual that you two hadn’t spoken in that time? In other words, the closeness that you two have might be the thing that triggers a need to reach out around the same length of time. Is this possible?

My mother used to express this same thing when I was younger. If she hadn’t heard from a great aunt for some time, she might think of this person or dream of them because they’re on the mind due to a love and concern. Then, if soon after that the great aunt ends up in the hospital, she would assume her recent thoughts of the person were signs of some kind of psychic phenomenon.

@KNOWITALL: “My co-worker walked up to me in the middle of a busy afternoon and without talking I handed her what she wanted.”

Is it possible that you’re just more observant than you give yourself credit for? In other words, do you feel that you could have just picked up on cues and info that made you bring your co-worker what she wanted?

Do you feel that normal explanations for how the brain works (confirmation bias, observational qualities and nonverbal cues, etc) are an insufficient explanation for such phenomena? And if so, do you feel that there is a better explanation? What mechanism explains these “psychic” abilities? And why hasn’t anyone ever been able to demonstrate these abilities when properly tested?

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@Dutchess_III No, i’m thinking of Diana Ross at the football World Cup, you’re wrong on every conceivable level dear…do keep up.

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What has regularly freaked me out is people calling or writing me as I am writing or calling them. It happened regularly with an old girlfriend, I’d call and hear “I was just writing you”. Has happened with a few people I have felt eerily connected to.

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My aunt tells me I am psychic all the time. I don’t know if she says it to everyone or just me. She has told me it since I was a little girl and still does today. She says I always call when she is thinking of me. I think maybe she receives a message from me telepathically that I am going to call her.

In high school my boyfriend and I were in the same psychology class and they did this things where there are 20 cards. Each card has either a triangle, square, wavy lines, or circle. One person stairs at a card, while the other writes down what they think the person with the card is thinking. Woth my boyfriend when I sent the message he got something like 17 out of 20. Another time 18 of 20. It was crazy high and basically statistically impossible. Then when we reversed it we still did better than average, but nothing like when I sent the messages. The teacher couldn’t believe it. We had other psychic like things between us that I can’t remember off the top of my head it’s so long ago.

I really don’t believe in that stuff, but I do like the idea that we are all connected. We are all made from the same genetically material, even the plants and the animals and why not also be connected mentally also.

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@tom_g Of course – lol, that’s why it’s in Social. I didn’t know my mom would get cancer or my husband would have seizure’s, it is more like a fine-tuned observation/ instinct or empathy.

I first noticed it as a child, that I would over-empathize with people and animals, like I could feel their pain, sadness, etc….
Later, I called it a great first impression radar, I am almost never wrong, and a built-in safety, like I refused to go in a certain house with a friend and that house happened to have some very bad people in it.
Now though, I am getting deja vu about certain things that happen, then when they happen, it feels very odd, like a dream almost. And a few other things as well, like the occurance I mentioned earlier.

I’m not taking it very seriously and haven’t discussed it with anyone close to me, just thought it’d be fun to ask and see the replies. There’s stigma attached to psychics or abilities, so I’m not surprised there are people talking about it here where we know each other.

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@OneBadApple mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 42!

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Speaking of head injuries and psychic abilities, have you ever looked into the experimentation with LSD in the 60’s and the mind expansion that it appears to initiate?

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I’m thinking of a number.

It’s 69.

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@jca That’s what I told Adirondack, I figured onebadapple was just messin’ around…lol, you’re a psychic! :)

@rojo Actually yes I have. I’m not into it for myself, though, I’m too much of a control freak.

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@KNOWITALL I think I’m incredibly good at reading people as well but I don’t see how that equates to being psychic….

Déjà vu

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OK just to be clear here, I did not read the ones above my smartass response and yet look, I get the number that is exactly the difference between the two! Coincidence?

I think not.

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@uberbatman Love it, thanks. Preque vu is more likely, that’s really cool.

@rojo You’re so funny!!!

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A hundred years from now we’ll all be dead, and the people living then will say, “Hard to believe that those rubes prior to 2100 had no idea that psychic phenomena was real, or how it works”.

During the past 6 months I’ve really begun to wonder. Once, I could hear my wife banging pots and pans around in the kitchen and I thought, “She looks a little tired….we should get a pizza”. Two minutes later, she said “Man, I’m a little tired. Can we get a pizza ?”

I thought, what a coincidence, and ordered the pizza. A few months later, while driving home from the gym I thought….“Hey, when was the last time we had Chinese take-out ?” The minute I walked in the door, my wife said “Hey….when was the last time we had Chinese take-out ?”

Coincidence again ? I don’t know, but somehow I can picture the citzens of 2113 looking back at us and laughing….

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@OneBadApple For sure, a hundred years ago we hadn’t heard of MRI’s, we’re still in baby steps.

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@uberbatman 42? 45? At the distances we are working at here the margin of error is minor. I am gonna count it as a hit.

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I’m thinking it’s going to rain. Well, it has been for the last 2 months.

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Yes, occasionally. Nothing I can depend on.
The most recent/strongest example was when, from out of nowhere, I decided to check on a former neighbor, who also worked for my company. I made a few phone calls, and found out he retired about 2 years before.
When I told my sister about it a few weeks later, she followed up with a phone call. No answer. After several attempts, she called the neighbors’ mother, who told my sister her son had died a few weeks before, pretty much exactly when I thought to check on him.

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You are one of my favorite people on here, filmfann, but do me a favor and…..umm….please don’t ever think about checking on me….

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Yes, I hate them! I will often think of someone and then they will call or I will get a text from them seconds later. I quite often know when the phone is going to ring before it does and I have had dreams that have come true the next day. However, I think everyone experiences things like this and whilst it is easy to say it’s a psychic experience, I think it can be explained. For example, quite often, when I have dreams that come true, I am very stressed in my day to day life and so, subconsciously I was probably already expecting the thing in my dream to happen and it is just a coincidence that it happened the day after I dreamt it.

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I can levitate quarters with my mind. But that’s about all. It’s great for picking up chicks.

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@bunnyslippers Nice Loopers reference.

bunnyslippers's avatar

@filmfann And +1 great answer to you for noticing my good sir.

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@bunnyslippers that’d be telekinetic rather than psychic :P

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Nope, it’s science so I can’t explain it to a lay person but trust me I know what I’m talking about I have a BS degree.

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That sounds about right

Dutchess_III's avatar

I always hated telling people I had BS degree. I always felt like I was saying, “I have a Bull Shit degree.”

bunnyslippers's avatar

i actually was, my degree is not a bs but a ba

Dutchess_III's avatar

BA in what?

bunnyslippers's avatar

Design Communications, basically a clever attempt to cover up that the program churned out graphic designers

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