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Shipping a car from the West to East Coast?

Asked by rindosei (12points) June 20th, 2008

My brother is moving from Seattle to Boston and is interested in shipping his car (vs. driving it across the country). I’ve heard that you can ship cars economically by buying space on car carriers, but have no idea how to go about this or what price to expect.

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Google – Car Carrier

I did this once about 10 years ago. The main options back then were covered or uncovered carrier.

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try ats transportation.

They are based in California but they work with other companies across the country.

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I have a friend that will drive it for you. He just got released for grand theft auto and is needing some extra cash.

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I bought a car on eBay several years ago and attempted to have it shipped from Kentucky to California, where I live. Long story short, all the carriers I found were crooks; I found it would be cheaper and faster to fly myself & my wife out there and drive it back myself over two and a half days.

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Ask a local car dealer who their used car buyer uses to transport cars across the country. Or, call a local car auction and ask them for a referral.

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Back in the 80s, I drove across the country from San Francisco to Pittsburgh in a red T-top Trans Am that I found through an ”Auto Drive-Away” service. These companies arrange for people to drive your car across the country for you for a fee.

PS: It’s also a great way to “rent” a car for a cross-country trip for cheap.

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Hilton auto transport. I just used them to ship a car I bought on ebay. Had it shipped from Arizona to Mississippi. Great customer service not 1 problem whatsoever.

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@rockstar your friend will be too risky :).

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Just Google car transport and you’ll get many options. It will depend on the type of car you have and if you choose open or closed trailer.

It can be anywhere from a hundred to thousands of dollars. It’s certainly not cheap.

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