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How many pieces of luggage are you allowed to carry on international flights (UK/USA) if you pay for each bag?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11271points) June 27th, 2010

I realize that this is a complex question. So, I pose it to anyone who has moved from overseas recently. When I came abroad, I brought four large suitcases with me and had to pay the equivalent of $100 for each case. It was cheaper, actually than shipping the contents. I may have to go home (not sure) and am thinking about how to pack things up and get them home (USA). I often see people at the international counters with scads of luggage and they are checking them all in. I know that the price of extra luggage has gone up and all that, but is there a limit to how many suitcases one can take? Or can you take as many as you want as long as you can pay the baggage charges? There are so many restrictions, I thought I would check with someone. If you’ve had to move from overseas, other than the important things going in your luggage, what service did you use? (And no, I don’t put check-in valuables.)

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“Most flights originating from the US have a ‘two piece’ limit for luggage – you can check two bags, and you pay extra per bag. This applies whether the flight is domestic within the US or international.

Most flights that originate from outside the US have a weight limit for total checked baggage – a miserly 20kg/44lbs if you’re traveling in coach class, 30kg/66lbs for business class and 40kg/88lbs for first class. If your luggage weighs more than your allowance, you’ll be charged for each extra pound (or kilogram) at exorbitant rates – usually a percentage (about 1% – 2%) of the full fare per extra kg of weight, per flight.

This is a major massive difference in luggage policies. Although sometimes you might find it cheaper to buy an international ticket from the US to another country, and then a second ticket for travel within that foreign country, or for travel on to other countries, if you do this, your second ticket will probably restrict your luggage to 44lbs, and the cost of the extra weight of luggage you have with you could well be much more than the saving on the ticket to start with.

An empty suitcase weighs 15–20lbs. If you’re traveling with two suitcases, you’ll use up most of your 44lb limit just on the empty bags!”


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Last time I traveled Virgin Atlantic I remember seeing that you can have 10 extra bags above the regular allowance. The pricing was something like $50 for the first additional bag (third bag for economy) and $150 for each one after that.

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Your baggage limits should be written on your ticket. If you want to bring extra, call the airline and ask whether it’s possible (it isn’t on all flights) and if it is possible, how much they would charge.

Last time I travelled, I was allowed 25kg in baggage when travelling from Trnhm to Helsinki. The airlines do have a certain amount of discretion when it comes to baggage, especially if you explain that you are ‘relocating’ not just travelling. (Singapore airlines was very nice in Auckland, New Zealand!) I get awfully lucky when I travel with my husband (gold/platinum member in two different airline groups) so if you are a member, be sure to use it.

When I was travelling with my elderly father in law, they checked all the bags in my name, just in case something went wrong, I could sort the problem out.

Good luck!

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It really depends on the airline, so check the airlines website and look for information on baggage.

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Go to the airline website. There is no answer to your question as asked.

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