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My laptop seems to be the only one that cannot access the wireless in this house. Suggestions?

Asked by jlm11f (12403points) June 21st, 2008

I am staying at my aunt/uncle’s for the weekend. They have wireless internet (cable) and my laptop (Acer) is the only one unable to detect it/access it. Other laptops such as Dell and Sony have worked fine. I used to be able to access this internet and then one time I was visiting, it just stopped! I have tried removing all the networks from my computer’s wireless list, I have tried rebooting numerous times but no luck! If you have ANY advice at all, I would love to hear it! I need my nightly fluthering time :(. I know I did not give much information to go off of but I can’t think of what else to say. I am not computer illiterate (so yes my wireless switch is set to ON on the computer).

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is your card set up on the wrong channel than the wireless router is putting out? that shouldn’t keep you from accessing it, but it can hurt it detrimently.

do they not have a password set on it, or one of those MAC address verifications which require the mac address of your computer or else you can’t get on it?

I would say go into your wireless card settings, write down its current settings, and change some stuff that seems like it might help.

Do Acers have like a WLAN utility to track what signals you are picking up? That’s what you need to do first, if not then try and somehow get “vistumbler”
that will track and channel and GPS (if it has it), etc. what routers your card is picking up in the area.

other than that it’s hard to know what is configured and how it’s configured as to why it isn’t working, i’d have to see it to figure it out really.

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Can you do a system restore? Its worked for me in the past

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I think that this might help ~

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I would try to simply reboot the wireless router. Also making sure that DHCP leasing is on inside the router.

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@playthebanjo, i was thinking the same thing but i figured people would call me an ass for posting something like that

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@ XCNuse – i don’t think it has a MAC address verification thing because my brother’s laptop works just fine, and no the wireless isn’t password protected. my OS is XP (sorry i should have mentioned!) so vistumbler wouldn’t work for me. i will try messing around with the system a bit more though!
@ CB – system restore doesn’t do it :(
@ shawn – i have tried rebooting the router
@ ptb and waterskier – i <3 my acer, but good try :)

THANK YOU all for your suggestions! If you think of something else, please let me know. I will post back once I figure some things out (I am not @ home right now)

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people call me an ass all the time. It gets to the point where you can block it out.

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PnL – first step, can your laptop see the wifi network when you scan for them?

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oh, well then if you have XP then you should be using
vistumbler was made because netstumbler doesn’t work on vista

i still suggest messing around with the settings, i’m sure that is the reason for sure. I’ve never had an acer or anything, but maybe their cards don’t adapt as well as dell’s do; no idea.

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@ ben – no then laptop cannot detect the network at all.;
@ – i am still trying to figure some things out. but i will probably use netstumbler soon.

this whole thing is just strange, because i travel a lot and my laptop never has a problem ANYWHERE else in terms of accessing the wireless. :(

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PS – in case it helps, my network adapter is Broadcom 802.11g

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okay, netstumbler doesn’t find the network either.

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Have you gone on the main computer in the house and checked out the settings? Sounds like its not set to be discoverable…......?

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after spending a lot of time changing certain wiring and stuff, the network now SHOWS on my wireless list, but now the problem is that its “limited or no connectivity” so i still can’t access any sites :( aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

@ CB – yes i have been working on the main computer too, that’s how i am fluthering right now.

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so everyone has probably stopped caring by now, but I just wanted to let you all know that everything is fixed now. it was a stupid FIREWALL problem. i cannot believe it. norton anti virus strikes again. too bad i didn’t think of the firewall aspect till about an hour ago haha. thank you all for your help!!!

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norton? get rid of that sh*t, norton is the worst, in fact don’t run anything, get spybot and firefox 3 and you’ll never have a problem ever again.
don’t even need spybot really, just get firefox.

norton is the worst thing in the world and kills computers for breakfast.

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