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If I am on a wireless network with computers, can I send them messages?

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) June 23rd, 2008

If I am on a wireless network with computers( all windows XP), can I send them messages? How?

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I think so, using the share files. The other computers should appear in your list of things such as your iDisk (if you have one) and you Macintosh HD, but I suppose that is just files.

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If you’re on a Mac you can do so using Bonjour through iChat.

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Do you just want to fuck with them? Or would these be something they expected?

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net send if you are on a windows network

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Just mess with them for the most part

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I used to use net send in the computer labs when I was in high school.

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or you can use telnet

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@MelonKing, Ppulofthesun is trying to send messages, not files.

@Spargett -

Did you read the question? He says the other machines are using XP – and unless they have a bonjour enabled IM application, they’re not going to show up in iChat.

Ppulofthesun, If you want to mess with them, use the aforementioned netsend. If you actually want some local network IM functionality similar to bonjour on iChat, get hold of Miranda IM and the rendezvous plugin on that page. Very easy and useful.

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If you know the other computers’ identification information (IP, computer name), you can use NET SEND on Windows through the command prompt.

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Instead of doing net send through the command line, download Fomine NetSend. It allows you to send messages, using net send, but through an actual program instead.

There is also a version that is similar but does it with its own different method, not inbuilt to Windows. It is good if you have computers running Vista, as Vista doesn’t have net send functionality any more.

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