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Will Apple's announcement about iPad Minis on September 10th affect the prices of Android tablets?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) September 1st, 2013

I am in the market for an Android tablet, and a good friend of mine suggested I wait until after the 10th due to Apple’s announcement about their mini tablets.

Would anyone here care to guess how it will affect pricing of Android tablets?

Does anyone know how past announcements have affected the market?

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Looks like according to this site that there will be no new iPads introduced with Apples’s Sept 10th announcement. So I can’t see their announcement affecting the Android tablets pricing since it only looks like an announcement on the iPhone.

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It won’t. Android tablets (especially the Nexus 7) are already much cheaper than iPad Minis, so unless Apple does something very un-Apple like and cuts Mini prices drastically, I don’t see their price changing anything soon.

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I don’t know whether you have Best Buy stores in Hi. or whether shipping rates to there are very prohibitive, but if you want to get any significant savings, I was going to suggest you may want to wait a little longer until Black Friday weekend.

I got my Galaxy Tab there last year on BF; even tho the regular price at that time was $250, they knocked it down to $169 for that weekend only.

I doubt that iPad mini sales will have any effect upon Android Tab prices. Apples and Oranges basically :)

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@Buttonstc I live on a rural island, so there are no computer stores at all. I’m shopping online and Amazon has the Tab 2 for $169. I can also get a case for another $11. All the shipping is free, or I can pay for expedited shipping.

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I’ve owned a number of tablets, including several iPads. The last Pad I owned was a Mini and I wound up returning it because I didn’t like the resolution. I now have a new 2nd gen Nexus 7 and like it better than any other tablet I’ve ever owned.

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That’s a good price considering where you live and free ship from Amazon makes it even better.

If you decide on the Galaxy Tab I seriously don’t think you’ll regret it. I’ve loved mine since the day I got it.

Plus, in the Google market there are numerous apps (free) for reading books including a Kindle App. But the nice thing is you’re not limited to just the Kindle app or the Kindle anything :)

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@Buttonstc I ordered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 a couple of hours ago. They take their time with the free shipping, so I probably won’t have it in hand for another 2 weeks. I’m used to that. Everything moves slower in Hawaii anyway. :-) “Hang loose” and all that jazz.

I am looking forward to having a new toy. It comes with the Kindle reader loaded on it. I simply have to register my account with the device, and it will sync my content.

And you’re very right to say I’m not limited to Kindle. I can read books through Google Books and any number of websites. Just thinking about Gutenberg makes my mouth water.

Ah, the wonderful world of technology. It brings so much to life.

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It may be, but it totally depends on their features. If new version of Ipad have new features & if it will be success to grab the people interest so I think its definitely affect on android market. We hope there will be few new & different features are available in coming Ipad series.

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Yeah, just wait till you’re let loose in the Google market of Android apps. A whole new world of convenience will open up for you.

I know you’re going to really enjoy the Samsung Tab. Aside from all the reading you’ll be doing, you’ll find uses for it you never imagined prior just due to the sheer portability and multi usage possibilities of a Tab vs. just an e-reader.

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