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How can I avoid looking at a colleague's delivery room video?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) June 21st, 2008

She’s just back from maternity leave but honestly, do I have to see this?

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So she wants you to see it?

I’ve never heard of that… Sounds like she needs a sense of decency.

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One word: Inappropriate.

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Maybe she’ll play the “Edited” version!

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You are not obligated to watch. Just politely tell her that you would not like to watch/are uncomfortable.

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Yeah. Just tell her you don’t want to watch. Tell her that seeing blood makes you nauseous. I doubt she will put up much of a fight.

Or start masturbating 30 seconds into the video. That should guarantee that you will never be invited to ever watch a similar video ever again. (That was a bad joke)

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tell her that the thought of her vagina makes vomit come up into your mouth.

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I think its beautiful that she wants to share it with you. If you really don’t wanna see it then just tell her you feel uncomfortable and its nothing personal

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Don’t tell her (she’ll have all sorts of reasons why saying that means there’s something wrong with you), which there is not. Just absent yourself.

Some 20 plus years later I have not gotten over seeing a colleague’s wife bloody in the stirrups (was not warned what was coming).

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I do think that saying something honest but tactful like, “I’d love to see your baby pictures, but a video of the delivery is more graphic than I am comfortable viewing” shouldn’t be hrutful to her but let’s you off the hook. Nobody should be forced to see something they don’t want to; on the other hand, she is probably very excited about the baby and new parents tend to think the world should be just as enthralled as they are. A considerate reality check is not inappropriate!

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seems like pictures of her baby would be more relevant~

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@johnpowell: That is hillarious. Twisted, but funny.

Anywho…I agree with everyone. SImply tell her you’re uncomfortable with blood. Of course if you’re nurse or a doctor – she might not buy that excuse.

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@jp very funny.

What about just a strait forward “I am as happy as I can be for you but I am just not comfortable with viewing the video. Now where is that little whippersnapper?”

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