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How close to outer space can a toy helicoper go while video recording the trip?

Asked by talljasperman (21818points) September 7th, 2013

I would assume that a good radio signal and some modifications are permitted. Maybe add a booster rocket for the last few miles.
For fun.

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depends on the lift the rotors provide at normal air density.
air density decreases with altitude, at some point, the atmosphere will be so thin that the rotors will not provide enough lift to increase or even sustain altitude.

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also, you have to define where “space” begins, because there is no hard border between atmosphere and “space”

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Helicopters as a rule can’t fly very high. I think the highest helicopter rescue was performed at under 20,000’ elevation (6100 meters), and that was pushing the limits of the craft’s capability.

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@ragingloli Distance in Kilometers from sea level.

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Why use a helicopter when a balloon will do it?
If you want live video feed then you will need higher power equipment. A 5Watt HF ham radio (ICOM or Kenwood) will have enough transmit power for a 12 ft long, 20 element Yagi to grab the signal.
$2500 – 3000 will get you all you need.
@ragingloli The poor man’s definition is usually 100 km. The atmosphere density is about 1% of sea level at that point.

I was an adviser for the project mentioned above. It worked great

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There’s no “there” there, @LuckyGuy. “Page not found” on the download.

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I’ve had a few rc copters. The range was never more than a few hundred feet, but they were entry level machines, under $100 each. The quadcopter in the video you linked is much more expensive, and I was honestly shocked at how high it was flying. It looked to me to reach a height of 1000 feet or more. The people on the ground in the video were tiny.

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