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Why if thePuma helicopters are so dangerous and unreliable do they still use them ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4417points) April 21st, 2009

Yet another Puma helicopter had problems today . Start of this month two maybe three crashed , in one of these crashes ALL 16 onboard died . Yet they are back in use and today one of them had to abort and return before anything bad happened ( gearbox problems again ) . Would it not be safer and better to get a different helicopter to do the work ?

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Never forget that your weapon (or in this case, vehicle) is made by the lowest bidder.

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The Puma is used to transport workers too and from oil rigs .

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My first answer is a quote from an unknown source (as far as I know) and holds true to this. All aircraft and vehicles (military or civilian) are made for the absolute lowest price possible. When you make a shoddy product you get a shoddy result. And people wonder why I hate flying….

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