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What is included in the Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 Pack?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) June 22nd, 2008

Meaning what windows programs???

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I think solitare comes with it

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yup, and mine sweeper, notepad, calculator, telnet, and i guess that’s about it….

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telnet? What’s that?

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it’s a small program that is best used to talk to routers when programming them, it’s commonly used when configuring cisco routers and switches, it’s a pain because it registers every keystroke, so the backspace too

well ok, it’s used for a lot more, it’s a bit of an equivalent of the terminal, meaning that you can use it to log into remote servers etc.

here’s the works

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however, if you choose to use vista…you get mahjong, so that’s something to think about…

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windows xp also gives you a start menu : )

Windows comes bare unless you buy it with a computer and then you get all kinds of crap with it.

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if i may be so bold as to ask you, swimmerdude, what you were hoping for to be included in windows xp ?

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or maybe even snow leopard?

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Duz it come wit b00t camp?! lolz

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isn’t bootcamp included in vista ultimate ? it’s like this app that makes you run osx in leopard right ?

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it comes with n00b camp

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lolzorz, roflcoptering my a** off, geez. I heard if you delete C:/Windows then when you restart it’s Vista wit a leopard virtual machine wit only Keynote from iLife ‘08 built in.

But I digress. Lolz.

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