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Who is more annoying: Paula Abdul or Mary from so you think you can dance?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) June 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I am having a hard dime deciding. (or it could be me for asking this question)

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er- that should be time not dime

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Paula Abdul! God, she needs to get off those pills.

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Oh no, that Mary needs to get off her own hot tamale train and tone that annoying personality down!

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Hahahahahaha Mary’s voice, god it drives me up the wall!

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Both are irritating as hell. I can’t tolerate Paula!

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Tough call. Mary is super annoying – but she usually gives decent feedback after she finishes wigging out. So points for that. Like “beast” said, Paula needs to get off the pilss – and her “advice” is useless to boot.

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I can’t stand either so I stopped watching television. My ears were bleeding.

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Don’t watch either show, but Paula Abdul has novelty value for bringing us greats like “Straight Up” and “Forever your girl”

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have to go with Mary. What is with those teeth? And her phrases need to go. Her voice is annoying and I have no idea what her credentials are.

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Bri_L: not only the teeth but that mouth in general! LOL!
Wildflower: Let’s not forget “Cold Hearted Snake”... my high school anthem!

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Nothing on tv right now is more annoying to me than Mary’s laugh. Her mouth and anything that comes out of it is almost to much to tolerate.

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It’s the laugh, the laugh, god help us, it’s the laugh. Make it stop!

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@ tiny faery, ladytmerie and thebeadholder. you all made me laugh. hehe.

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