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What is wrong with my Internet Explorer?

Asked by flutherother (27335points) September 11th, 2013

I have used Internet Explorer for years but recently it started forgetting passwords and now pages take so long to load it is unusable. I use IE 10 and have scanned for malware and viruses to no avail. Any ideas? PS I’m now using Chrome and it is lightning fast.

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I usually just re-install the program. It automatically saves my stuff and works a lot better. I’m using Firefox right now, I was having the same problem about a week ago and now I’m all better! I hope that helps.

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The problem is that you’re using IE. It sucks and always has. Get Firefox.

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@livelaughlove21 I was kind of thinking that but didn’t say it… I don’t use IE at all…

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@flutherother: “PS I’m now using Chrome and it is lightning fast.”

Problem solved. IE is a nightmare. Stick with Chrome.

Also, don’t allow your browser to remember your passwords. This is a very insecure practice. Use LastPass.

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You will never get a straight answer about IE on Fluther. People here are incapable of responding thoughtfully and without prejudice on this topic.

As an IE user, I haven’t experienced your issue, and I don’t know what might be causing it. Regarding the passwords, you might try clearing your cookies and caches, then turning the “remember passwords” option off then on again. Might mean re-entering passwords, but it will probably improve consistency. The speed problem could be just about anything.

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The root of your problem is that you are using Internet Explorer. You have already solved your own problem by switching to Chrome. The consensus of the masses that hate IE (to which glacial refers), is because it is as large as it is for a reason.

If you have done virus scanning and tried stuff like malwarebytes, etc. and still come up empty but the browser is still acting badly, you may be infected with some nasty rootkit malware. You need to be absolutely sure to rule that out, otherwise it is simply not 100% safe to even have your network cable connected with that possibility still out there. A rip and reinstall of the OS and HDD format are the best way to recover from such a thing.

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