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Is it a fact that the browser Explorer no longer exists?

Asked by chefl (917points) June 18th, 2022

Is there any debate about it’s existance?
Also, were there things you needed it for because the other browsers weren’t helping? (Edited)

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Well, it existss on a lot of peoples’ computers. But Microsoft has said that they will shortly (who knows when?) make it inoperable.

THe problem is that a good number of applications (mostly corporate) depend on it, despite its age. So I doubt it will really go away for good.

It was a crap browser. Insecure and technologically backwards from the start. Netscape (RIP) was better, even in the beginning.

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I never liked explorer , but it is a hell of a lot better than the Ask browser now that one is crap.

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Try to find a way to download and use it. If you succeed, then that is not fact. Microsoft says they no longer support it though. Find another browser is my advice.

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Ok. Good to know.
I make a point of thinking that the question is a general one not about any particular person company using it and only it.
By the way there is the second part of the question: How about such a thing as using Explorer with success, sometimes for a particular issue, after trying Chrome Firefox with no success?

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Although they are both browsers, they are built on completely different software platforms, different computer languages, different web page renderers, and so on and so forth. They are incredibly different.

Even Edge, which was pilfered from Google Chrome, is markedly different from Chrome.

So why do things now work the same way? Totally different software.

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This is not the kind of thing one hears about, it’s onloy negative things. I know this is from a while ago, but still….

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@elbanditoroso “both”? what and what?

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I guess I need to move to Chrome? I still use explorer for almost everything.

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Chrome is certainly a good candidate. I have friends that swear by Firefox, mostly because it doesn’t have the high level of integration with Google. (That doesn’t bother me).

There are some third tier ones, like Opera, but they aren’t as fully capable as the big ones.

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@elbanditoroso How about “Aw, snaps”, (which remids me of the list of things one should look out for to see if a website is real or fake)

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… The problem has been around since 2019 or earlier? @elbanditoroso, Were you aware of that?

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