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Do make-overs stick?

Asked by SuperMouse (30814points) June 22nd, 2008

I am a sucker for make-over shows, you know the ones where the frumpy housewife (not unlike myself), gets a new hairstyle and wardrobe. I always wonder, do the make-overs actually stick, or are they back to their frumpy ways the very next day?

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Perhaps? I’m guessing it would depend on the person, and how good they honestly thought the makeover was.

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Only if you have 5 hair stylists stashed away in your bathroom. I can’‘t even replicate what my one hair dresser does to my hair every 6 weeks.

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I think it depends on the person. If they really wanted to get a make-over I would think they would keep it up. If they are there because their family or friends; I don’t think they will keep it up, because it wasn’t what they wanted in the first place.

I know someone who was talked into changing her hairstyle and color. It was a style that had to go She did, but eventually she went back to her own style and color. A lot of people are set in their ways and don’t want to change anything about themselves.

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One site says this:

“But do these makeovers stick? For many women the sad reality is they just can’t get their hair and makeup to look exactly the same after they leave the soundstage. For the majority, it is one day of glitz and glamour and then back to normal. Is it worth it?

For the women who got the ultimate in self esteem boosts, if only for a day or two, they would say absolutely. Others would say that the difficulty found in the upkeep is not worth it, and they regret ever trying to make a change.

Ultimately, without the help of the talk show host’s head styling gurus, the majority of women featured on these shows slip back into the slump far too quickly. ”

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I don’t think many of us really want to look like that day in & day out. It looks fakey.
But great fun from time to time.

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it depends on how much the person wants it or likes it.

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On ‘What Not to Wear’ the guest either ‘gets it’ or doesnt. Ususally they get it.

By ‘get it’ i mean theres a moment where the viewer can see that something clicks with the guest. They let go of their outdated or preconcieved notions of fashion.

The guests for the show are chosen for good reason. They all have the wrong ideas about, or are improperly dependent on fashion.

The themes are familiar:

Guests improperly using fashion to mask their real age.

Improperly using fashion to mask weight gain.

Poorly using fashion to ‘express individuality’.

Believeing that revealing clothing = sexy or attractive.

Using ‘comfort’ as an excuse to dress shabbily.

Guests assuming that fashion is too difficult, expensive, or time consuming.

Guests assuming that they dont have what it takes to carry the look off.

Guests dressing for an self generated image of themselves rather than their actual selves.

If the guest has an open mind, trusts and takes the hosts advice there comes a moment in the show where the guests lets go of their old notions or dependence on bad fashion.

Once theyve stopped using their fashion crutch theyre free to try new and correct items, from then on. In other words, at least for that show, it looks to me like it sticks.

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They probably don’t. The hair is usually hard to maintain and the clothes provided are limited. It’s hard to change someone’s taste, so that doesn’t usually last either. On some shows they actually go back and check if they kept the look.

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We usually only view ourselves as two-dimensional objects in a mirror. Seeing ourselves as others see us has to be an illuminating and intimidating experience.

I have enjoyed several of the What Not To Wear episodes. They are quite effective in getting guests to see themselves objectively. My biggest hurdle in watching is listening to Stacey say, “Shut the front door,” “Shut UP,” and showing her bitchy side, in general.

Sometimes guests probably keep up with their changes. I would imagine that sometimes, perhaps out of frustration, they go back to their old ways.

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