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What is the best hangover food?

Asked by wildflower (11162points) June 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

What do you eat to recover and why do you choose that?
And yes, I’m looking for tips for a hangover binge

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I’ve heard a few people I know say greasy food is the best, though I’ve never tried it.

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Eggs, cheese and homefries on a roll with ketchup.

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French fries with cheese and a Bloody Mary.

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Simple things work best for me. Toast, grits. Good luck.

Or, go the other way and take the age old advice of the hair of the dog. Perhaps some black coffee with bourbon in it?

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The mere thought of alcohol today…..oh dear lord!!! Never again.

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water. Lots of water.

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Saltines (or any type of cracker) and water.

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Margaritas w/ xtra salt!

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I don’t know of anything worse after an all night binge than waking up next to someone and not being able to remember her name, how she got there, and why she’s dead. That’s when I say “I’m never doing this again!” Followed by “And this time I mean it!”

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Yea, hate it when that happens. Throws off the whole day!

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It’s funny. People always say “I’m never doing this again.” Guess what? They always end up doing it again.

I would go with the coffee!

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I’ve never felt that way, I don’t drink, thats why, but my mom used to like some beers every now and then, she said the best is super spicy Mexican chilaquiles, try them.

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Chinese food

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@playthe banjo Yes, and I actually put my grits on my buttered toast. Weird, huh?

Oatmeal or other cereal would work as a grits substitute (not on the toast though) for those without the Southern inclination. (My Yankee husband insists that grits taste like wallpaper paste to which I ask, “How would he know that?”)

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Oops, wildflower, forgot to say why. One, the blandness and two, the carbs, which get into the bloodstream quickly and keep the liver moving to process that alcohol poison.

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A lot of the symtoms are from dehydration. Push lots of water. It will hydrate you and flush out the toxins faster.

Here is a tip to help avoid a hangover: for each drink be sure to drink a glass of water too. Before going to bed drink another glass of water.

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Thanks for the suggestions all :)
I went to the shop and got: beef casserole, crisps, fries, chocolate, ice cream and 4 liters of softdrinks! – Let the binge begin!!

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That food will cause a different kind of hangover. The kind where your belly hangs over your belt.

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hahaha….that is true – assuming I get through it all, but right now I don’t care. I’ll go for a long walk or swim tomorrow if I have to.

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Ice cream defo the best! Try it!

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A stinger.

“The juice of a few fragrant flowers. Called a Stinger! It takes away the sting…”
Bing Crosby, High Society

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That’s evil! On one hand you’re quoting from one of my favorite movies – but making me think of booze at the same time…......evil!

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“Stop shouting…I had champagne last night.”
Uncle Willie. “He’s an evil old man, isn’t he…’

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Either you know that movie as well as I know Dirty Dancing or you’re watching it right now?

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I grew up watching that movie… In fact, I have more musicals on DVD than anyone I know. I may be just musically reactionary. But they’re funny, and witty, and just damn cool.

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Right, I’m bringing the crisps and sodas over for a movie night!

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Bananas, gatorade and advil.

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Menudo is absolute best but…you can usually only buy on Sundays (Saturday Night hangover helper!).

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menudo? Like the band from the 80’s?

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Shrimp Ceviche (a ceviche is a kind of could soup, its originary form Ecuador and Peru, with some differences in both countries) is great for a hangover :)

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a white castle cheeseburger.

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A big huge Gyro or Donair!!!

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A couple of Underbergs, Dr. Nielsens, Fernet Brancas or some other bitter/herb liquor. Straight, no chaser. You’ll feel much better after you’ve hurled.

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and underberg will make me hurl!! It’s evil!!
And it reminds me of the time as a desperate teen when me and a friend got drunk on Gammel Dansk and orange Kia Ora!! Oh the horror!

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Actually, they will calm an upset stomach. And I quite like them too, so it’s a nice side effect ;-)

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My brother swears by them – I can’t stand them! They make my stomach turn, and the smell gives me shivers!

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Toasted bagel and fizzy Coke in a glass with the bubbles stirred out of it. Can substitute stale popcorn for the bagel in a pinch

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Anything that contains cysteine. It’s an amino acid that helps break down acetaldehyde—the toxin produced in your body as the alcohol is metabolized. Eggs (raw) are a very good source.

There are also supplements you can try:
PreToxx or just purchase some N-acetyl-cysteine from your local drug store—works wonders.

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Anything you can keep down! (That’s my answer based on reality.) As for practicality and in all seriousness, lots of Gatorade and I used to try (with a heavy emphasis on the word “try”) to get down spicy Mexican food or salsa or a V-8 and some aspirin or Tylenol. I think it depends on lots of things like how long and much you drank and whether you had hard alcohol or beers or fruity alcoholic type drinks as well as what kind of body chemistry you have and how well you tolerate alcohol in the first place because your body reacts differently to all those factors. Bottom line: hydrate yourself with as much water and/or Gatorade.

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grilled cheese and tomato soup
ham and cheese omlete

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Bojangles Cajun Filet Biscuit combo.

Seriously. Oh, and go floating in a pool.

The cure almost makes getting the hangover worth it.

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@rob: not entirely sure what those biscuits are, but looks good! Now, if only I had access to bojangles and an outdoor pool in a warm climate…...I’d start mixing margaritas right now!!!

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It is now almost 8:00 pm, the day after my brother’s 40th birthday bash. I can’t even swallow a chicken nugget. Best of luck with your recovery. Pass the Advil, please.

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pretzel rods and a mcdonald’s orange drink

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I usually don’t want to recover from a hangover. As a personal fact, it’s almost even more a satisfactory feeling than previous night’s drunken experience. (No sarcasm.)

Sometimes, of course, another beer for the road wouldn’t matter, while thinking about it (your question). Make it two and the preference in food will drop in relevance. Sometimes, complex decisions doesn’t have to be that complicated.

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no, no. What you need to do is take ur little (or big) fanny to Speedway, get yourself a frozen coke and either chow down on some enchiladas, or go get some fried rice. Breakfast foods such as omelets and greasy hashbrowns work great as well.

Sometimes snorting some pooty juice helps….

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Mc Donalds Big Mac and fries!!! CARBS CARBS and more CARBS!!!

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definitely fatty foods…anything that contains a lot of calories so the alcohol gets absorbed. Orange Juice or anything with a significant amount of Vitamin C soaks up alcohol pretty quickly. I always down a glass of OJ every morning after a long night of binge drinking lol

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Eggs, bacon, homefries and a beer & clamato to wash it down….

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A British breakfast works for me: eggs, bangers, bacon, baked beans, chips, grilled tomato.

Topped off with several lager bloody marys.

A very rare burger and sparkling wine works well too.

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Sugar, like, donuts or pancakes with syrup.

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I like to throw some scrambled eggs on top of cold pizza and wash it down with a beer. I feel right as rain after that, though usually disgusted with myself at the thought of what I just ate.

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steak (will make you forget you’re hungover) or soup if you feel really bad

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Two words: ....Taco…. Bell…. Helps you when you’ve got digestive problems too =D

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Lots and lots of milk. It absorbs toxins. (And is also the best thing to stop the burning in your mouth from eating a spicy pepper.)

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I can’t believe ( other than @tamkli3 ) no one said MEXICAN food!

Taco Bell if one is desperate..but I’m talking authentic mexican…with boatloads of salsa!

Salsa cures everything that ails you from hangovers to head colds! lol

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That’s easy. It’s the national dish of the French-Canadian, the iconic, bubonic, poutine!

There are a few similar treats, and more imitations, but you’ll recognize poutine for its trio of perfection: fresh fried potatoes, squeaky fresh cheese curd, and piping hot dark sauce. Let it sit for a minute as the sauce and fries melt into the cheese giving this dish its name, supposedly meaning “sticky mess”. It replenishes all those nutrients and is available in the right places at any time of day. Often called the origin of the term “heart attack on a plate” this heavy hitter is perfect to treat yourself to after a night you’ve been very very bad.

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You have to bring your blood sugar level up as well as replace fluids from dehydration. Drink lots of juice. I like tomato juice…...It takes the hangover away, and puts energy back in my body. Eat something heavy but bland. Pancakes, a sandwich, etc. Then sleep some more. You’ll feel 90% better after just a couple of hours. Good luck!

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Taco Bell was a good suggestion, and it for sure helps…but…....the BEST thing ever for me, and the first thing I crave when I open my eyes & feel that shitkicker of a hangover, is A BIG MAC , LARGE FRIES & LARGE COKE FROM MCDONALDS!! No matter how bad off I am, sinking my teeth into that burger & devouring those salty fries makes me feel soooo happy. Then, happily full & sleepy, I usually give a few contented burps and pass out with a smile on my greasy face. I actually have a little bit of a hangover today, alas, nowhere near a McD’s…settling for a grilled ham & cheese…

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Forget food. Go find a welding shop and pay them 15 bucks to suck on their Oxygen for 15 minutes.

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Steak, baked potato with all the fixings and cheese bread.

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Potatoes, cheese, however you like ‘em. And lots of water as frequently recommended above.
Prevention : a,b,c an aspirin, a vit B complex, a vit C and match your drinks with a glass of water each. This works well to a point and can keep you active enough getting to the porcelain convenience frequently that you might not get to drink as fast as otherwise.

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Tall stout please. put a shot of espresso in the bottom of the pint first.

Sake Bloody Mary please.

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Hair of the dog (whatever brought you to that state in the first place) followed by a good bowl of Menudo(soup).

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My best hangover food was a huge piece of coconut cream pie!

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The only sure, immediate cure I know is Vicodin, lots of water and food containing instant and sustained release carbs for a quicker and sustained recovery before the Vicodin wears off. 02 helps as well, if you happen to have a tank just lying around. Then sleep.

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Dill pickles. But drink the juice!

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