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Is it really possible to induce a period?

Asked by Carinaponcho (1376points) March 15th, 2013 from iPhone

I read online that it is possible to induce a period. You would do this if you had some major event that you would want to plan to not be on your period for. Online it says things like parsley and ginger and a lot of vitamin c? Is that a hoax or is it possible? If so, I would like to do it because I’m going on a chorus trip to Virginia beach and I would prefer not to worry about my period.

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Many of us eat parsley, ginger and foods with Vit. C in them daily without rescheduling the arrival of menstruation. You are looking for trouble if you mess with mother nature, particularly for a trivial reason. Just bite the bullet.

Of course, it is not fun.

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Only by being on birth control pills, I believe.

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How close are you to your period?

Most of the time you can only induce it if you’re on birth control.

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@mambo according to my period tracker app, five days. But I was kinda wondering if I could make it come sooner and in turn make my next one come sooner because I’m going to be on the trip for my next one. I’m usually fairly regular

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I would not play around with that. You may mess up your hormone balance if you take hormone pills. Just let things be no matter how it much it may mess up your plans!

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You can find another woman who is a “strong” cycler – who has regular periods and finds that when she lives with other women, their cycles sync with hers and not the other way around – and ask her to stay over for several days in succession. This is assuming her menses are set to happen for when you are trying to schedule yours, obviously. I think there are too many factors involved, but I have read a craigslist ad posted by someone requesting this very thing, that a strong cycler stay over – in that poster’s case, to help regulate her erratic cycle. Of course, it was in best of craigslist, so it’s pretty evident others, like me, think such a thing would be too hard/silly to arrange.

Edit – found it.

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None of it sounds harmful. I know ginger does do two things. It cleanses the body and it thins the blood like aspirin. So maybe it can hasten your cycle if you are close to having it. But speaking from experience. I know that aspirin sucks when you are on your cycle. It tends to make your flow worse and for me it can actually make it last longer.
On aspirin, 7 days. Off aspirin, 3 to 5 days. I don’t know if ginger will do the same but I avoid it around my cycle time just in case.

Maybe you should just go with the flow.. :p

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Birth control seems like a much easier solution – and it’s one that actually works.

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If you cease thinking about your period as something to “worry about” (like an illness) and start thinking about it as a healthy, normal bodily function (like, say, blinking) you’ll feel much better during your trip and for the next 30 or so years you’ll be living with your cycles.

Menstruation is not dirty, nor should it interfere with your daily life. If your menses are so heavy that you’re unable to go a couple of hours on a road trip without changing your pad or tampon, you should discuss the issue with a physician qualified to help you in that manner.

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@livelaughlove21 If I remember correctly from her past posts, her mother won’t allow her to be on birth control.

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@wildpotato Menstrual synchrony is popular hooey. A simple case of poor study and uncritical reporting.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Maybe she plans on getting laid on said trip.

@mambo Oh…well, ^

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the pill has a 50yr record of safety and even has some great health benefits. With all the hormones in our food and dairy supply, the pill can help you stay in balance. You have complete control of you period on the pill. you can skip periods altogether if you want. Maybe do at least 3 per yr. The more skipping you do though, you will have spotting. I have never met anyone who didn’t have trouble with the depo shot so I would not go there.

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