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How do you think an oncologist would respond to this?

Asked by Aster (20023points) September 24th, 2013

A patient , when told he/she needs chemotherapy says to the doctor, “Marijuana cures cancer with no side effects and you can’t get lung cancer from smoking it.” What do you think the doctor would say to that?

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“No, it doesn’t. It makes you feel great, but it doesn’t cure the cancer.”

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“What are you, stoned?”

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I would say “You are dangerously misinformed”.

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Dr, “Well, that is not true, but it is your choice.”

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Dying to know what the Dr. DID say!

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Good luck with that. (Well, the doctor probably wouldn’t say that, but might be thinking it.)

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@Dutchess_lll I never mentioned weed to any doctor!

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”‘Cures cancer’? ‘No side effects’? ‘Can not get lung cancer’? Are you testing me, Satan?!

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I didn’t know if you were a receptionist or nurse of other doctor in the clinic and just heard the story @Aster.

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^^^^^^^ I understand.

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Not a single part of that statement is correct. I’d expect to see a very confused look on that doctor’s face and I could only assume his first thought would be something like, “what a fucking idiot.”

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“I wish that were true.”

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@bea2345 has the best answer. I’m going to steal it.

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Have you heard crap like that before @Rarebear??

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Sadly, all the time.

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