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Do you ever just love your s/o so much, you want to shout it from the roof tops?

Asked by Headhurts (4505points) September 24th, 2013

I tell him I love him every day anyway, but tonight I was just looking at him and I wanted to shout it out loud how much I do. I know it’s crazy, but I just adore him.

Do you ever love someone so much?

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No. I wish I had, but even when I was madly in love and just married, I never went to that extreme. But more power to you. Enjoy it.

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That is how I feel right now. My husband just sent me this video and it made me feel all warm and loved inside.

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Awwwww! So sweet @Headhurts
I feel like that about my fiancé.

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No. I do all of my shouting behind closed doors.

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@Seek_Kolinahr is a screamer! ;0)

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No, but that’s only because i’m scared of heights.
I could use the plumbing though, yell down the pipes to the neighbours like they do in submarines in those old war movies.
Phweeb! “I love my wife to bits, over…that is all, over…thanks for listening, over & out.”

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No. Because of noise pollution.

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No. I’m not nearly dramatic enough for all that.

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To be honest, not for a long, looooong time… but I do keep a spot on my roof reserved for the possibility.

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No, I’ve always been more of the private type, saving my affection for the interior obstruction of my house. I’m visible with some things, but I’m of the opinion that not everyone needs to know everything or how happy I am. Past experience has taught me that being too open with demonstrations of happiness seems to attract those who’ll try to ruin it.

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