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What should my girlfriend and I get up to this evening? (keep it clean pls =D)

Asked by Grabbins (87points) June 23rd, 2008

I can’t think of anything new to do anymore. We usually either go and see a film, stay in and watch a film or watch a film and drink beer =D. We need new ideas I think.

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where do you live? If you are in Durham, UK (as in your profile) you might try this page for ideas

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Museums, theater. strolling, art galleries, picnic, concerts, people-watching.

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get ice cream and go for a walk in a part of town you’ve never seen or haven’t been to in a while.

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North East of England. In Durham if you know it?

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Is there a local baseball team you could go see? They would probably have beer there. Or I would suggest looking for some live music in your town, again if it’s at a bar…

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Go see a band? Go out to dinner?

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Each of you invite four of your respective friends and go out for a game of Whirlyball.

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Two words – LASER TAG

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Three words – NAKED LASER TAG

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hahhahaha i hate you and yes you win

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forget the laser tag, there must be some kind undreground party somewhere or something like that, hit a local bookstore together, and check if you can find something interesting, cook for her, I dunno :)

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The colors are crazy!!!

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How can you play laser tag naked, you would need to where the laser jackets otherwise no one could zap you. hahahaha now I win :D

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not if you use lasers that burn you.

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The jackets are not clothing, they are accessories. Therefore you are still naked.

Now who wins?

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It feels a little like we’re arguing that you’re still not naked even if you’re only wearing a scarf.

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i’d pick her up and go for a walk chatting with her

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go swimming

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Get really dressed up, go to a very fancy dinner and then go dancing.

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Go out dancing, or stay in and play board games all night. You can also go to dinner, or throw a party get some life into that house. Any carnivals in town? They can be fun, and are open late.

Gail also suggested very fine ideas. And ones with some culture to them. Good one Gail.

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so where is the update? What did you two get up to?

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Thanks for the good feedback everybody!!

We ended up going to the Metro Centre and had something to eat and Nando’s. Then we had some ice cream and had a look around the shops. I got a very cool Darth Vader T-shirt!.

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Darth Vader! Hooray!

Not as into the character as I am the Presidents of the United States of America lyric
“on the death star, with her godfather
Darth Vader, nine months later…”
Lotta quid for that shirt! Hope it fits.

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@knotmyday fits like a glove ;)

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Nature is good too. Try a walk or hike in the woods or near a river. Rent some form of boat (canoe, kayak, heck, a swan boat).

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go shopping for a new Frizzer.

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xbox360 guitar band

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