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What's the cheapest and quickest way to get wireless on my 3-year-old Mac laptop?

Asked by zina (1653points) August 28th, 2007

I’m the Bay Area, have no time to research this, and want a super cheap deal. I plan to buy a new laptop soon, but this upgrade is urgent (as in, I need it within a couple days). I have the white, 12-inch, OS 10.3.9, bottom-of-the-line in june 2004, no built-in wireless one….. I don’t have it in front of me – tell me if you need more details. Thanks!

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You can probably pick up a used Airport Extreme for about $30–40 on ebay.

Or you could get a usb wifi adapter for around the same money.

I assume it is an iBook G4, if it is a G3 you will need the airport (802.11b) not the Extreme.

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The iBooks were all G4s in 2004, so you need an Airport Extreme 802.11g Card.

Go to Powerbook Guy in downtown SF. They’re selling the online at this link for $30. That’s about as good a deal as you can expect, especially if you want something on short notice and don’t want it shipped.

You will need to lift up your keyboard to put the card into your computer. Maybe the guys at the store will do it for free. It’s not dangerous or too difficult to do yourself.

Powerbook Guy is open M-F 9–5 at this address:
870 Market Street, Suite 1090, San Francisco, CA 94102. Tel: 415–835-9800

Good luck, and you should bring your computer and let the guys at the computer store make sure it’s the right one before you buy the card.

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They sell wireless network adapters that plug into a USB slot. I’ve used one for my PC for a while. You’ll want to check the compatibility first, but would be a cheap, quick option.

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