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When you get "you have a question that needs editing", why not see the answers as well?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 29th, 2013

Before it goes to editing (for typo, or too vague, for example) some people have answered, some asking for a detail, you have added a detail, corrected yourself, posted a link etc. So, if you are going to edit it, wouldn’t it be nice to have all those items in the answers to put in the edited version?

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That probably would be handy. Unfortunately, since there’s no development happening on the site, it won’t change. :(

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I would like that too. Sometimes if I am lurved then I can click on it and see if I should abandon my question.

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I don’t understand @talljasperman if you’re lurved, why do you want to abandon the question? I’m confused.

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@flo To determine if it is worth the effort to continue the question.. You get to keep your Lurve even if the question is closed.

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Okay, I never looked at that.

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@talljasperman If people have taken the trouble to post serious answers to your question, I think you owe it to them to fix the question so it can remain open. If you abandon it just because you’re satisfied with what you got so far , then that means no one else will ever see what those answerers took the time to write. If the answers are frivolous or just asking for clarification, well, that’s a different matter.

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Because that’s the way the giant squid wants it.

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”...then that means no one else will ever see what those answerers took the time to write.”
Good point.

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