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How important is it to include work based achievements on my CV?

Asked by PeterJones (3points) June 23rd, 2008

I am currently writing my cv and wondered how important it was to include work based achievements? Do employers really care? Don’t they just care about my qualifications?

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How can you be qualified for a position if you omit your work-based achievements, unless you are just out of college? The CV is Curriculum of Life, after all. Employers certainly care about experience; unless you are willing to settle for an entry-level job. you’d better not leave a lot of blanks.

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Hi There

I have just found this really interesting piece of research conducted by a company called

The research has been based on 1,000 jobseekers and 200 employers to find out what really is the most important part of your CV.

What the research found was that a massive 73% of all employers rejected candidates for interviews due to a lack of work based achievements on their CV’s.

The research also stated that jobseekers could effectively demand 5% on their starting salaries based around the inclusion of work based achievements.

These are just some of the examples discovered by the research, for more information I would recommend visiting the site. The link is provided below

Achievement Amnesia is the title of this research and can be found at… or accessed from the homepage

It is a really interesting read and shows exactly what employers are looking for from a CV.

So! In answer to your question I would suggest that including your work based achievements is very important!

Hope this helps

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