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What are the downfalls of having a pet hedgehog?

Asked by Oyunfound (2points) June 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

on the waiting list to get one and just getting other owners opinions or the opinions of people that know people that have one

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Hahahaha, you win brownlemur. You win forever and ever.

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It’s difficult to find Purina Hedgehog Chow at Petsmart.

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Well for me I personally thought that they smelt up a storm and it was quite unpleasant. Also if your going to sleep anywhere near them, I would suggest otherwise, because they are nocturnal they well eat and run around all night making noise, especially if you give them a wheel that they can run around in. Obviously you know that you can’t it up unless you have some tough gloves, well I sure hope you know that those spines aren’t soft haha.

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I’m sure it would be all fine and dandy until this guy showed up.

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He might turn into a ball and roll all over you. Oh, he’ll also be blue and have a Sega™ logo on his ass.

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They will hurt you. It’s simple as that.

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Actually, AC, you can buy it there. Ok, technically it’s not Purina, but they do have it. You probably haven’t seen it at your local PetSmart because, in California, it’s not legal to have them, so you’re out of luck. You’ll have to stick to your habitrail with hamsters or your sea monkeys and ant farm.

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You can’t slip them through airport security in your pocket.
They’re illegal in Arizona as well…

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a downfall would be that some cannot be litter trained as easily as others. but the only time they stink is when they need a bath, in which case you only need to take a toothbrush and put it in about 1–2 inches of water in the sink. its as easy as that.
Also they are not that prickly, i own one currently and i can pick her up with no problem.

i would say the only other downfall is that mine hisses when you wake her up, shes the sweetest thing otherwise, but some hedgehogs do foam at the mouth when frightened so you would have to be careful not to think they have rabies. also they tend to headbutt when they are scared so they can prick you. hope this helps…

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