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What breed is this stray mutt? please help identify?

Asked by ShaChris23 (318points) October 10th, 2013

Puppy is about 2–3 months old, a rescue. Not mine.

He’s got

- floppy ears
– eyes only slightly wide-set
– thick snout; black nose and lips
– big-boned, big skull (similar to a labrador’s head? bear-like and triangular shape), thick paws
– probably will grow up to be medium or large in size
– short coat, brown and black color, with black toenails
– long pointy tail
– unafraid of people; actually look forward to being with people
– learned “sit” within 3 repeats

Here are his pictures:
without flash
with flash

Boxer? German Shepherd? Lab? We just don’t know.

Thanks very much for any help!

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He looks like a shepherd mix.

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^^ Yep, looks like a Shepherd mix of some sort.

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I see a lot of German Shepherd in him too. We adopted a Shpherd Chow puppy for a short time who looked like that. Does he have a black tongue? That would be Chow. Some Lab could be in there too.

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Definitely some German Shepherd in there. Whatever he is, he’s adorable!

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@janbb The black tongue=chow thing is a myth.

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Yes, Shepherd and maybe some terrier, he looks a little wire hairded around his head and the ears are more terrier ears. Maybe some Airedale in there.
Cute pup!

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@syz Interesting.

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Looks like a German Shepherd with a little Australian Shepherd mixed in.

But he is 100% cutiepie!

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Omg! He is so cute!!!! I just want to hug him and kiss him little face!
I agree with everybody else, he looks like a Shepherd mix.

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He’s adorable and I agree that he looks like a German Shepherd mix.

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Shepard mix. you have a mighty handsome friend.

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