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Does anyone know if it's possible to adopt/rescue a purebred dog?

Asked by eatmunky (358points) December 18th, 2008

I love shiba inus and Welsh Corgis. But I’d much rather adopt or rescue a dog than buy it (Beside the fact that I’ll never be able to afford it). Is there anyway to rescue a purebred? I don’t know much about this kind of thing, I got my last dog at a soccer game when a woman came around with a box of puppies that she found behind a Ralphs. She passed away about a year ago :( and I miss having a furry friend around.

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Greyhounds are frequently rescued.

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Check your area for rescue groups – many of them focus on specific breeds. You should also cultivate a relationship with your local shelter. They get purebreds amazingly often (former breeders, puppies not up to snuff for showing, etc).

(If you are unable to afford to buy a purebred, make sure that you have adequate funds to properly care for a pet. And be sure to carefully research the breeds that you are interested in – many purebreds have common medical and behavioral issues.)

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I applaud your willingness to adopt/rescue a dog that needs a home.

Please consider a mixed breed too….

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Most breed clubs have a rescue component. Here is an example for pugs.

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You can also check out a site called which lists dogs up for adoption by breed. Some of the dogs listed under specific breeds are not purebreds at all, but many are. Many of them are from breed rescue groups. One thing to be aware of when adopting a purebred as a rescue dog is that it caould come from a puppy mill - that is it has spent its life in a cage being bred and may not have been socialized well. Be sure to ask questions and try to get to know a dog you are thinking of adopting.

It’s a great thing to do if you can manage it right.

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We adopted a Shar-Pei through Shar-Pei Rescue, and we recently adopted a registered American Bulldog from another shelter. I frequently see pure breed Boston Terriers and other dogs in various local shelters, too. Sometimes these dogs have issues, which is why they end up in shelters, but sometimes the issue is that the owner didn’t understand what they were getting into with that particular breed, or with a dog in general.

We never found out much about our Shar-Pei, other than she was delighted to live with us, but we got the full background on the bulldog. She was a registered pure-bred someone bought because they are cool “guy dogs” and look tough, but he left her alone all day and she got injured. He neglected the injury so his father took her away from him and gave her to the shelter. We got her the medical care she needed but she will always limp. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that big tough-looking bulldogs are giant babies who want to sit on your feet all day.

As janbb says, check out but be aware that often the dogs shown online have already been adopted but the database hasn't been updated. Also check online for rescue groups in your area for the breeds you are interested in. Examples are and

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I have adopted 2 purebred boxers from the boxer rescue shelter near me. My first one was the most wonderful dog I have ever owned. The second one was quite a handful, but a delight just the same. I highly reccomend adoption, if not from a rescue place, then from a shelter. Petfinder was how I located the rescue shelter.

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I adopted a St. Benard from the pound once. We looked pretty comical going down the road on the way home. I had a VW Bettle with a sunroof. He rode home with his head sticking out the top!!

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Call the local pound, because they would be in contact with homes that are fostering these poor animals, and they should be able to point you in the right direction for finding what you are looking for. You can also become a foster home, if you have the right facilities for keeping them and working with them. Hope this helps.

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If you contact your local humane shelter and let them know what you’re interested in, they’ll put you on a list and let you know when one comes in. I just gotta add… the best best dogs I’ve ever had have been “blends”.

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@loser I believe “blends” are called Heinz 57 dogs here in my state. The fact anyone took the time to answer this particular question means to me they love animals and all deserve lurve.

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@chyna: Right back at’cha!

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These are all totally helpful thanks!! and I’m okay with a mix, too of course. I was just wondering if there was a way to adopt a purebred.

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Everything is possible.

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Just beleive

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I found my purebread rotweiler at the SPCA, just call if they’re arnt any in just get them to call you back when one is if your willing to wait.

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@ Ducky: have several and would be happy to send a dictionary to help you correctly spell those pesky words with 5 or more letters in them or use

Jist kedding , kynda, mispeled wordz drieve mee nutz

Nice of you to take in your Rottie. I have rescued several poops and still have 3 and looking for a Dal.

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of course you can rescue a purebred dog; there’s just the chance that it isn’t what the people say it is.

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Call local veterinarians. I manage a vet office and I keep a notebook with contact information for people looking for specific breeds and people who need to find homes for their pets. I’ve made several love matches. and taken home a couple for myself, but that’s another story.

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Corgi Rescues of America is a group on Facebook. They’re always searching for good homes for corgis. Also, search google for rescues in your state or states nearby. Also helped me find our English Springer Spaniel that we rescued. He is a wonderful dog!!! Best of luck!

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