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Where can I find a free PC software to make flowcharts for a choose your own adventure book?

Asked by talljasperman (21850points) October 11th, 2013

I used to use HyperCard in 1995, but I don’t have access to that software anymore. I am looking for a easy to use program to make choose your own adventures computer novels where they have more choices and random dice rolls.

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It might not have exactly the appearance that you’re looking for, but FreeMind mind mapping software is free. I’ve used it to map out some fairly complicated processes at work, so I know that it has a lot of capability.

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Do you want flowcharts to document the program, or do you want to write the program in a flowchart style? I don’t know of any programs that work like HyperCard.

There are a number of online flowchart programs One that I like is Gliffy, which allows you to save five flowcharts for free.

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@CWOTUS The link to FreeMind doesn’t work.

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That’s funny; you’re right. However, when I google “freemind” and go to its SourceForge page, it redirects here, which seems to be the same link as the one I posted.

So if the new link doesn’t work, then just google the term and you’ll find it on SourceForge… somewhere.

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