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Should I purchase a Nintendo DS?

Asked by Les (10005points) June 24th, 2008

I’m going on a fantastic voyage in a couple months, and I thought a portable game system could be fun. I was thinking about getting a DS, but I thought maybe all you jellies might have some suggestions. Are you happy with your DS? Are there any other portable game systems I should consider (Sega, etc)? I have only ever owned NES, SNES and Sega Game Gear, so I am a bit out of the loop. Any suggestions would be great.

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Yes. The DS is great, there are plenty of fun games available for it. The only alternative right now is the Sony PSP, which is more of a portable console in spirit then a true handheld. I say that because of most of the games are console ports. But- don’t get me wrong there are some great games for PSP, I love mine, I just think the DS is a little more accessible and appropriate for a more casual gamer.

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I recommend a DS. I love mine. I love the mario games and zelda. Look at the game titles. The PSP has some good titles. I went with the DS because I want somthing fun and interactive. The PSP is just what it says a mini playstation.

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haha, yeah, you’re a bit out of the loop, sega hasn’t made a console in around 5 years, so there’s the DS and the PSP left, the problem i find with both handhelds, is that there’s simply not enough to satisfy my gaming urges,

that said, the DS is a bit more childish, but not in a bad way, the games are also a lot of fun, the PSP has more graphic power and focusses more on an adult audience, however, that’s not always the case, looking at games like loco roco,

one advantage the PSP has is the multimedia usage, you can listen to music and watch video and pictures on it, the DS has this too, but not out of the box

the DS however has the touch screen, which makes the games a lot more interactive

the real choice here is what games you want to play with it, and don’t let yourself get fooled, the PSP is a lot of fun too

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Yeah go for it. The great thing about the DS is there are plenty of titles that don’t involve shooting everything in sight, blood and gore and all that. A lot of the other systems seem to have a much much higher percentage of games like that, namely the PSP. Now this is fine if you enjoy that kind of gaming experience, but in my humble opinion the DS is a much more enjoyable system.

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the ds is cute and fun. I adore mine. But I have a PSP too—- the DS gets more use just because it has more games for it (and the games are usually cheaper). But both systems are fun, it depends what you like//if you like to mobile game.

the ds can also play old games (for the gameboy) and has a larger homebrew community (a r4 chip is all you need). the PSP keeps getting slammed with updates so homebrew is more difficult.

Also, the psp does have a nicer screen. Seriously. it’s amazing. it’s like a portable playstation. It also browses the web well.

so either way you’re gold—I just LOVE my DS

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NO. I don’t like carrying any technology whatsoever when I am on a vacation or on one of my long road trips across America. It simply distracts from being amazed by the outer world or enjoying your current moment. The most i would take is a book and a basic cellphone

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Here’s another method if you’re trying to decide between the PSP and DS. Look at the metacritic scores for all the games that have been released for both systems and peruse the amalgams of reviews for games that you might be interested in.

Like it’s been said above, PSP beats the DS on multimedia. (The PSP also gives you WiFi access to e-mail and the internet without having to buy something extra). The DS beats the PSP on originality of gameplay vis a vis the touch screen and microphone.

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Yes ! Ass said before, lots of funny games not involving killing other, Mario Kart, Cerebral Academy, or others tittles are very fun, just like Elite Beat Agent.

The DS also have a great battery, I can play at least 6 hours with my DS aged of 1 year.

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@mirza: That’s all well and good, and I would normally agree with you. But I happen to be going to Antarctica (McMurdo Station) for two months and, aside from writing my thesis, will have nothing to do on those long, cold Antarctic nights. And my cell phone won’t work. But don’t worry, I’m an avid photographer, and would never miss the opportunity to take LOTS of pictures and enjoy my once in a lifetime experience. That, and I have about a 24 hour plane ride to look forward to.

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but what if he wants to just kill people ?, i myself am a fan of every genre, also of hardcore shooting and hack n slash, i’d feel a bit left out if that wasn’t featured in a game

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I have owned both, and the easiest way to compare them is to compare the actual consoles PS3 and Wii. While one is made for the more “hardcore gamer”, the other is intended for parties, and lucky-go-easy gameplay. So if your looking to play some cartoon style games, or puzzle games, the DS is the way to go. But if your looking for something a little more serious, or decent online gameplay, the PSP is the way to go.

P.S. Not to mention, with the PSP you can have music, upload pics, and surf the web.

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@iwamoto: I’m a woman. ;-) And “killing” is fine, I don’t care. I used to love Mortal Kombat. But, I am a bigger fan of Mario, Metroid, Bubble Bobble (who could hate that?), etc. And now that I’ve done a bit more research, have discovered that many of the games I used to love on NES and SNES are available on DS.

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Oh… and it does sound like there are some other nighttime activities available at McMurdo.

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@Kevbo: Haha, I know all about that. I have to be honest, I am a little afraid to be one of the only women (and a scientist, no less) on a base of sex-deprived men. It’ll be like college all over again! Except, colder.

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The PSP is way better than the DS. The games are more entertaining, and they sell a number of cool movies for it. Some games I’d recommend would be Silent Hill, GTA3, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter2, Need for Speed Carbon, etc….. There are many great titles for it.

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The DS with all do respect, is more of a childs portable gaming system. Unless ofcourse you prefer non violent games. I have both, and my DS just collects dust in my dresser.

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That’s pretty much what it comes down to really Les.

Violence: the PSP wins.
Non-Violent: DS Wins.

Ah hell just buy both and give me one.

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Well thanks, all. I like your summary, osullivan. Hmm… I think I am going to make a purchase this evening. I’ll let you all know what I think. Thanks again!

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As a seriously geeky girl who looooves puzzle games….. I vote DS. (But I REALLY wish that I had a PSP to play Patapon)

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I vote for psp, but I don’t have a ds, and it’s coming out with portable guitar hero pretty soon, which is rather awesome.

Or you could always get a portable ps3, xbox 360, atari, or pretty much any other portable game console imaginable from Benjamin Heckendorn (who is a minor deity).

If you have a few thousand dollars lying around that is.

(Side note: you could also look into his one-handed controller that he’s been perfecting for the physically limited gamers out there, then you could play your portable playstation 3 and drink a mojito at the same time while on your fantastic voyage.)

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I vote DS, I have one, and my three children have 2 between them. It is fun for trips to pull out a mario title and play minigames with my children. Many of the games titles have wireless multiplayer in mind. I travel a lot, especially to Iraq and back, and there is always someone with a DS just like me. I load up and share a game that I have on hand, we play multiplayer for a while. Then they load up and share one of thier games. Another reason I like the DS is because I can usually pick up titles that I am interested in on for 15$ or less. The stylus is very useful and is incorporated in almost all games. It is a much easier interface to use for my children and for people that aren’t used to holding a controller for 12 hours in a row. Nintendo games are generally more family friendly, but it sounds as if you are traveling alone, so that probably doesn’t matter to you. Even if you don’t find a physical person to play, you simply have to be near a wireless hub and you will be able to find someone to play against or with depending on the game. You can even buy a cartridge that lets you surf the internet from the DS.

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Well, news to all: I did get the DS. I love it. Granted, I only have two games for it, but it is really nice. I appreciate all your thoughts and advice. Thanks!

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Enjoy multiplayer mods and Wifi connectivity !

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I love my DS. It’s a lot cheaper than the PSP (but we do own both). The cool thing with the DS is it has a port to play old gameboy games as well which gives you lots of options. Sure the PSP has better graphics and games for adults but sometimes simple games are more enjoyable IMO. It’s nice to be able to turn it on for only a few minutes and then put it away.

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innovation is the key to successful video games in my opinion. That is why I stick close to nintendo. They are always trying something new..look at the Wii system, look at the touch pad on the DS. Nintendo was the first to think of 4 controller ports back in the day. Playstation systems have games with innovation built in to them and that is fun as well. I always start with nintendo then get the other systems in a few years when you get them and the games cheap.

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you know I had a ds but after a while I thought most of the games where for kids so Id go with the psp I love mine

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The DS. It has a lot more games than the PSP. The DS still costs a little over a hundred dollars, but it’s a tad cheaper than the PSP.

Yes, there are a lot of games for kids on the DS but adults can enjoy them too. There are plenty of adult oriented games as well. The DS is not just a kid’s toy.

The DS has any game you could possibly want. Mystery, adventure, role playing, puzzle, brain games. If you get a DS, you should get a carrying case to carry everything in. I recommend getting some game cases as well. Those little carts are extremely easy to lose.

Nintendo DS is now apparently coming out in 3d. I’m curious as to what’s next after that.

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