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What are all the things you can do with a Nintendo DSi?

Asked by desiree333 (3241points) July 22nd, 2009

My sister just got one, and so far it seems all you can do with it is take pictures, change them, take sound recordings, play your games, chat, and play with other people. Are there other things like watch movies, listen to music etc. Can you guys please tell me if you think they are worth it, and ALL the things you can do with them?

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you can use it as a life raft in emergency situations…

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it has a wifi opera browser….

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while it can do many things, the only thing it is actually useful for is playing ds games. it would be a waste of money if you were looking for a single device to do all the things you listed. if you want to have a do-it-all device, get an iphone

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@Icky I have an iPod touch, and I just bought a DS and I reaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyy regret it.

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You could get a flash card and put homebrew games, music, movies, and emulators on the ds. This could make your ds a “do-it-all device”. ( There is even a homebrew app to use your ds as a phone, but of course, it requires WiFi.) And perhaps in the future a GBA emulator will be released for the DSi. (Due to the missing GBA slot.)

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I don’t regretting getting my DSi. Well, there’s internet. Pictures. Sound. Games. Buy games from DSi shop. That’s about it. If you regreted, you should have researched it more.

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