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Do you think white people look good in dreadlocks?

Asked by WastaBwoy (152points) June 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Do you like the look in general? I’m thinking about dreading out my hair.

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a female friend of mine had them and they looked really good on her, on other people though, it’s just horrible, can’t you try a wig or something first ?

by the way, are you caucasian ?

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Keep in mind the reversal process and whether or not you are willing to do that should you grow tired of them or change your mind. Other than that, it’s personal choice and what your future plans are regarding employment, etc. If you are applying for a job that requires a more conservative look, you may be passed over, even if qualified.

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Babo look good with dreadlocks?

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All depend of your face, it’s also a matter of opinion and customs.

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No. Absolutely not.

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Broadly speaking, in most cases it looks like an affectation to me.

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I’ve seen bad and good. In my opinion, it depends on what one’s hair is like to begin with. If it’s short and generally straight, no way. If the hair is curly or kinky, especially on the thicker side, I think it can work.

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In general, no i don’t. there are always exceptions though.

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In my opinion they look bad on anyone. They just look unkept and dirty. But its your hair.

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You could just order this and save yourself the trouble.

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yes. you should do it. you should also smoke a lot of grass and learn to like the smell of patchouli and make hemp necklaces.

notice my lack of the ~ to denote sarcasm. i mean what i say…this is the perfect lifestyle choice for you.

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I’ve seen white people with dreadlocks. It has to fit a persons looks. Not every girl looks good blond and not every guy looks good bald.

If you think it will look good on you try it, but like Seesul said you have to consider the reversal process.

Is it something you really want to do?

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I would say no….unless you are sporting a mullet….on second thought, keep the mullet

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Tough crowd today. LOL

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he still hasn’t told us if he’s black, if he’s white, i’m really wondering about his username and avatar….

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If you have the time, pay a visit to Haight Street in San Francisco, paying particular attention to all the trustafarians on the street. That should give you some idea of what it would look like.

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Iwamoto. I’m going to guess white. The first part of the question asks our opinion if white people look good in dreads, and the second part says I’m thinking about it.

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Where can I sign up to be a trustafarian?

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The look can work for some, but overall I tend to associate them with unwashed hair and the myths of spiders living in them… even though they can look good on some (like peedub said, if you already have thick/full hair – also, you’d need to have the face for it, like strong features), I wouldn’t want to get close to them.

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If Rasta, or ‘Wasta’ is your thing, just go for it. Who cares what others think. It’s the Neurosis -loving variety of dread heads I tend to dislike, but that’s my own personal bias.

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@playthebanjo. The McDonald’s on the corner of Haight and Stanyan is one place to start, or perhaps, the hill directly across the street. You could panhandle outside the Escape from New York Pizza on Haight as well. Last but not least, you could try your luck near the drum circle inside Golden Gate Park. Good luck.

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@iwamoto: I am assuming he is white. Doesn’t the question give that out?

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i think you should post pictures of your hair so that we can see. regardless of whether or not it looks good (& sometimes it does), it’s also fairly important to consider that it’s an affect that rubs some people the wrong way.

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It’s sort of against the spirit of having dreadlocks to worry about whether or not anybody else thinks they look good. There’s more going on there then just a hairstyle.

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well said, jballou

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go for it

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They look great on our own jellyfish, Perchik. (sorry I can’t link from mypod)

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I think white people look ok with dreads but they look spectacular with cornrows.

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No one looks good in dreadlocks.

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I love dreads on white people! Blondes, brunettes, never seen a redhead with them but I’m open to the idea. I have dreads myself (I’m black by the way) that I just started almost a year ago and I love mine too. There are so many people don’t like them because they don’t have the right information. Yes, I care about how my dreads look, I wash and retwist them every two weeks. I definitely love dreads on white guys, its kinda hot.

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Wow, thanks spywacko! No one likes a hater either so I guess we’re both SOL.

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yah mon…it’s hot!

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Robert (Sideshow Bob) Terwilliger has red dreads and they look cool on him. Cecil’s are blonde.

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Generally not so much. Frequently I think of regurgitated animal hair when happening across them in the wild, generally on white kids coming out of Starbucks. I have seen some beautiful dreads, but only on people of color. My samples have been pretty limited, though, I will admit.

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Very agree with blueberry. Whitefolks’ dreads look exactly
like hairballs. Not glossy, not bouncy, not alluring, dead. Don’t do it. Don’t do cornrows either. They always
look stupid on white people because white hair isn’t curly and springy. Think of something white people do with their hair that’s very cool. Like get rid of it.

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I have never seen a white person in my life that look good in dreads. Not one. I am not predudice but, that is something they just should not do. Their hair looks waxy, dirty, unkempt, I just don’t like it. That is just my opinion.

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But I do like cornrows on white people. They are more managed. Or even box braids but dreads, no, they don’t give white people the right look.

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