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What will you do if you think you have Depression but when you talk to your family, they say you are just making an excuse?

Asked by nerevars (221points) October 18th, 2013

They say you just making an excuse and Depression is a myth. They didn’t care at all

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See a therapist.

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Yeah, see a therapist or counselor. There are a lot of people out there that don’t understand depression and think it’s just being in a funk. You can’t listen to them.

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Aghh I’ve had experience with depression. Myself, friends and family. Mild to deadly.

This is relevant.

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I would do what I always did before, never mention it to them at all, ever. Just go to a professional, discreetly and quietly, and get the help I need without them ever knowing. I lived with depression from my early teens through to my early 40s, and my parents never knew.

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At the very least, talk to a doctor. That way you can get someone to help you get to a therapist.

I don’t know how old you are, but if you are 18 or over, don.t rely at all on your family to help you. Go see your doctor or find a therapist.

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In some families, the denial of mental disorders is intrinsic to their family culture. You do not need to have them validate your personal experience for it to be true. It is your responsibility to educate yourself about Depression and seek out the help you need to learn to get your depression under control.

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