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What magazines do you subscribe to?

Asked by PupnTaco (13865points) June 24th, 2008

We’ve talked about favorite magazines, but not a list of the ones you support with your cash.

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I get a lot of free magazines that I read but I only pay for subscriptions to The Economist and Wired.

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Science news!
The nation
Funny times (political humor)

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Communication Arts
Hi Fructose
Atomic Ranch
Bon Appetit
Los Angeles
National Geographic

…used to take Harper’s but it got too depressing

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My aunt bought me a subscription to The Economist back in 2000 for my birthday. She is still paying for it.

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Golf Digest
Entertainment Weekly

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Men’s Health

Used to be more…but times being what they are.

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Blender, Gourmet, Radar

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The New Yorker!
Arizona Highways.
Metropolitan Home.
I think my Smithsonian lapsed.

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Ode Magazine until recently.

It’s an excellent magazine, but I found myself reading books and online stuff more often and I let my subscription expire.

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US Weekly
Rolling Stone
Cooking Light
Real Simple
Women’s Health

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New Scientist, Empire and Creative Review. I occasionally buy a copy of Men’s Health or GQ, but not very often.

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PnT, you read my mind! I was planning on asking the same question :). I don’t pay for any of my subscriptions but currently I get TV Guide (love it) and Harpers Bazaar (don’t care for it). I saw Allure at my aunt’s house the other day and it looked interesting, so I might get that one next. I also think National Geographic might be an interesting one to look into.

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…I also get a friend of mine in the US to mail me copies of Lemon. That counts as a subscription, sort of!

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YRB, SI, Men’s health and some other magazines (use your imagination).

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Time Magazine
Wired ( 2 years for 16 bucks)
Travel & Leisure (i never subscribed to it – it came with a credit card and hardly ever read it, but the magazine has some of the best layouts, color mashups and effective use of typography – and so i have never bothered to cancel it)

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Women’s Health
Runners Mag
Fine Cooking
Mac World

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GQ, Men’s Health, Car and Driver, Road & Track, Time, The Source, Rolling Stone, XXL, Vibe, and somehow I get Maxim.

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recycling today
waste age
uga graduate school magazine
georgia magazine
cooks illustrated

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the onion (?mag┬┐)

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@delirium: the funny times is so awesome, especially This Modern World

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Everyday Food
Art Jewelry
Consumer Reports
Bead and Button and Beadwork I buy if I happen into a bead store!

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i dont get any now, but im planning to subscribe to:

the new yorker
gentleman’s quarterly (as a gift, i hope)
national geographic
the economist
macleans(as a gift, my aunt promised)
something about cooking

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Has anyone here heard of Paste Magazine? It’s a great what’s new in the musical world monthly rag, and every issue comes with a sampler CD or new and newly popular bands. I’ve read a couple of music magazines, and I find I like it the best because of how much less mainstream it seems.

@judochop: how is juxtapoz? we sell it at the bookstore where I work, and i’ve never bothered to look at a copy?

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None. I use the public library and give them a yearly donation.

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The Economist
soon The Nation

But I recycle by bringimg them in for students to read

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I get Popular Science because the entire magazine is worth reading. I used to subscribe to Wired but it has become very bland and boring the last few years.

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Foreign Affairs
Cannabis Culture (until its recent discontinuation)
High Times
West Coast Cannabis
Backwoods Home

…and The Economist until earlier this year

(and why do almost all dentists feel that all women want to read People, all men want to read Car & Driver, and all children want to read Highlights? )

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Currently, Pacific Standard is the only print subscription I have.

However, on my Amazon Fire HD tablet, I have picked up:
Allrecipies Magazine (the only one that I didn’t have a print subscription to at some point in the past)
The American Scholar
The Atlantic
Food Network Magazine
The New York Review of Books
The New Yorker
Smithsonian Magazine

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