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How did you know that the love of your life is and/or was the love of your life?

Asked by thetypicalusername (199points) June 24th, 2008
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He sold his watch chain to buy me a set of combs.

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It’s called commitment, when once you literally choose to love the other person “until death do you part”. And vice versa for your soulmate. Do not underestimate the power of commitment in learning to love.

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But, writer, the question is… Did you cut your hair?

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Love it is!

I have no memory of where I read that story except of a feeling of sadness when reading it or something around its location in the book.

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A feeling of unquestionable certainty… that now has me compare every other interest to it.

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I just kissed her and that was it

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I just knew the moment I saw her. When you know, you know.

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I knew deep down through my heart, soul through the tips of my toes that this was the man I would love, live with, have children with forever. I was willing to learn, grow, adapt….whatever it took to withstand the trials which may come down the road. I still love him that way!

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@Delirium; “The Gift of the Magi,” by O’Henry.

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I have to agree with PupnTaco: You just know.

I know it’s frustrating when people say that – it used to frustrate me, but then I found him and they were right. I just knew.

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Yes, but some people say that they “just know” but THEY ARE WRONG! Meaning that they break up, or divorce if it proceeds far enough. So how do you distinguish the ones who “just know” correctly and the ones mistaken?

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Well to play devil’s advocate, are there any of you who ”just knew” and then it ended?

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When I first knew that I could edit it’s code.

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Just as a note: It seems to me that one would actually have to be in the final phase of one’s life to know if a true love was indeed “the love of your life”

I realize that most folks harbor the fantasy of having one great love which carries them throughout a lifetime. But life is not always fair and relationships end tragically sometimes.

Because of this I am going to open you all to the notion that there can be more than one great passionate love in your lifetime.

I realize that this is not as romantic as the thought of one great love. However as a person who lost an incredible lover to tragedy I can say from experience that lighting – and LOVE- can strike twice and each happen when you least expect it.

Both relationships are different but both are monumental and glorious.

My current relationship is as passionate as my first true love- though nothing can replace the first, both live side by side and share my soul.

Just wanted to bring in this twist to the discussion.

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Ah, gail, thank you! It drives me crazy when I know things and completely forget where from.

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Yes, great point, Dog. It addresses to elchoopanebre’s question, to which I’d add that the experience of knowing someone is wonderful to you and that you are called powerfully to love them, isn’t a promise that anything will or won’t happen, or even that they’ll appreciate you.

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I concur with Dog.

I’d add how I knew I’d found the love of my life: his smell drove me mad, he made me smile without trying, he aroused/challenged my mind-body-
and spirit, we were always searching for ways to better mesh our energies via sharing experiences and deep reflections. Love is linked to all greater constants such as knowledge and time- never underestimate these intricate and often latent connections.

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I couldn’t agree more with Dog’s “note.” I do have a question that’s related to this topic. I asked my friend if she thought she would ever get back together with her ex (of 7 years). They’re the best of friends to this day, and she’s very close to his family (he’s not as close to hers). Her answer was that though he is her soulmate, there’s nothing there. Please share your thoughts w/me on this one b/c I am wicked confused! CAN someone be your soulmate, but not someone you’re in love with?

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