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What desktop calendar programs would you recommend?

Asked by jlm11f (12398points) June 25th, 2008

I use Rainlendar and I like it because it is simple and works fine. I don’t really use the “calendar” part, I really just want a program that is locked to my desktop and where I can put my TO DO list thus getting alarms for certain events and being able to cancel out accomplished tasks. The cool thing about Rainlendar is that people actually make skins for it and post it on the site so you have tons of options. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on a better TO DO list/desktop calendar program. My only problem with Rainlendar is that when I minimize all windows (Win key + D), the rainlendar one gets minimized too instead of staying locked to the desktop. I have already googled this so I would appreciate answers about programs that you yourself have used and your experiences. Thanks!

Edit – i forgot to mention I am on Windows XP

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well i was going to say iCal, but it looks like you are on a PC. i am not familiar with any but why not use the Windows Calendar in Vista

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you could try google desktop. it has a sidebar that you can add gadgets to, and there are some calendar gadgets that will do what you are looking for. one of the gadget interacts with a google calendar, which is kindof handy.

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@ waterskier – yes, sorry, i forgot to mention i run on XP

@ ccatron – ok, i will look into google desktop. thanks!

anyone else?

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On our Macs, we use iCal religiously. Each family member has their own calendar, but all are visible to the group to avoid schedule conflicts; reminders help us not forget appointments. The upcoming push-synching via MobileMe will be a godsend.

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Outlook’s working fine for me. Links to the blackberry as well.

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@ PnT – that’s a neat idea for MAC users

@ ccatron, anybody – Is there anyway I can get Google Sidebar without getting Google Desktop search?

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i use google sidebar, and the google desktop search that comes with it is not that big of a deal, it doesnt take much space and its not very obstrusive

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OK, true confessions, I use a gimmicky thing called My Corkboard, but I just love it. Plus, it is free. I decorate mine for holidays. I put up inspirational quotes. The calendars and clocks have reminder alarms, and the graphics are wacky.

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@ Marina – that freeware looks really interesting! though the site itself feels like it is shouting “SPYWARE” . i like the holiday themes, makes calendars homey once again :)

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@PnL Paranoid creature that I am, I checked it out pretty thoroughly before downloading it. I looked up reviews for the product and references for the company. You should, of course, do your own due diligence too!

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