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IceOmatic Icemachine troubles?

Asked by Rickomg (259points) November 5th, 2013

Ice Machine at work will work for the first hour its running, then stop making ice. Water flows fine like it keeps trying to make ice but just not getting cold enough. I have my opinion but need another on what could be wrong. Got an idea? Drop me a line Thanks!

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Might not help but I found a manual for an iceomatic. Good luck!

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Well Fianally broke down and Called a service tech to come out and look at it.$70 to find out it was the Freon Which was what I originally thought but there was a leak and they wanted a $275.00 leak test on the unit to find the leak and then still was not sure if they could find the leak… WOW $800—$1500 for new Ice machine or Near $350—$500+ to “possibly” Fix the old one…. Guess we don’t need an Ice Machine that bad.

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