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Do you know of a video editing application that is as good for video as Audacity is for audio?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9624points) November 7th, 2013

I love Audacity. It is easy to use and can do a lot of things, and it’s open source!
I’m interested in a similar application for editing video. There are two features that I’m specifically looking for:
1) Frame-by-frame advance.
2) The ability to turn any particular frame into a still photo.

I’d like to explain #2 a bit more. While taking a video with my camera, if I see something that I want a photo of, I press the shutter and get a still photo in addition to the video without affecting the video. I’d like to be able to do the same thing with an existing video.

Can anyone recommend an open-source (or low cost) application?

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I don’t know too many video editing applications, but I’ve heard it said the kdenlive is OK, and that Blender, although primarily 3D modeling software, has pretty good video editing capabilities.

That said, I’m pretty sure VLC can do #2 (Video->Take snapshot), and fully expect it to also be able to do #1. And it also has some video editing capabilities.

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Few video editting apps are:-
Magisto:- A self-described “movie maker,” Magisto lets you experiment with basic edits, like trims, filters and transitions. You can also throw in background music and edit sound effects.
Montaj :-This app lets you shoot series of five-second clips, then assemble them with a storyboard, song and filter. If you’re feeling adventurous, shake your phone to assign random songs and filters to your footage.
Viddy:-A pretty basic video-sharing app, Viddy lets you “beautify” your clips with custom filters and soundtracks.
some more apps are cute cut,qik video,cinefy and video grade.

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Logic Pro X is pretty low cost…

Hmm what’s your budget like?

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I’ve had good success with Pitivi before. It’s been a while.
It looks as though there are a lot more features now. I think I remember being able to do all the stuff you’re asking about. Anyway it’s Free Software, so there’s nothing to lose :)

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Oops. I should have mentioned that I’m on a Windows 7 PC.

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