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Olympus E-510 flash flashes violently before photo?

Asked by fonziguy (20points) June 25th, 2008

Recently bought an Olympus E-510 D-SLR camera. I’ve never had a DSLR before. When I go to take a photo, when I’m autofocusing the flash will flash quite a bit again and again before taking the photo. How do I stop this? Very annoying in a crowded room lol

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YES – I have this model camera at work and I have no idea how to make it stop sometimes. I greatly look forward to an answer!

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Try reading the owner’s manual about disabling red-eye reduction.

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You could always turn off the flash and compensate by letting more light in- slow down the shutter speed and open the aperture wider.

DSLR’s are very, very manual. It’s good to take advantage of the fact that it’s not a point and shoot.

Also, like robmandu said, read the owner’s manual.

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Yes, it is for red eye reduction. See this for some help.

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If it has a setting, turn off low light autofocus help if it has anything like that.
It should…..

Canons do the same thing which is why I hate them and think it’s the worst concept in the world, by the time someone is taking a picture everyone is blinded.

I love my Nikon and never switching to the light side. It doesn’t do that stupid flash thing and really you’d think Canon would have put a use to the built in light they have like the Nikons use rather than for just showing when it’s about to take a timed picture.

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I turned off the AF Illuminator. In the Menu, go to the wrench with the 1 next to it. Scroll down until you find AF Illuminat. Turn it off. Voila!

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