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Has anyone played with the spore creature creator yet?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34547points) June 25th, 2008

A couple of days ago a demo was released for the highly anticipated upcoming game spore. The demo just lets you play around with 25% of the available content, but if you pay 10$ you can get 75%. I played around with the demo for a bit, and made this hidious beast , but its amazing to see some of the things people make. For those of you who’ve played around with it, what do you think?

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Yes, I’ve given the free trial a spin and its pretty fun to create the little beasts. Its quite surprising how well it deals with pretty much whatever you throw at it (but I’ve not yet been able to get it to attach legs in succession after deleting a foot). However, I’m not about to shell out $10 for an editor that will come with the full version of the game. I can wait.

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It’s alright. Prefer to see the real deal game.

Tell ya one thing, though… my laptop about burned a hole through the table running the damnable thing. Seriously, the glue that holds the little rubber feet on the bottom melted and those little footsies are now sliding around and falling off.

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Don’t you get money back when you buy the full game if you bought the creature creator?

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I love it! That game is gonna be amazing. I would buy the full version but it’s not out for mac yet. Only the demo is that I’ve found.

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I’ve been searching the sporepedia for random objects i see laying around my room, the funny thing is every search is sucessful. controller ,soda bottle ,cell phone ,computer ,master chief ,chair ,and of course, jellyfish its crazy what people make.

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I was upsesed with it for a week and I finely got the demo AND it wont work on my crapy macbook, but I’m still going to buy it because its so cool. Some day I will just buy a new computer to play it.

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@uberbatman, the goons on Something Awful have got into this (potentially nsfw?) so you’ll likely find even weirder things if you search long enough.

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@paulc THAT IS AWESOME! ^_^

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I guess I will just sit here, watching the lonely clock waiting for the day I can get a macbook pro and be united with my only true love…... Spore

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He looks like he came out of a nightmare but….. mr j

Someone please make a better one ^_^ I want to see who can make the best one.

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free trial is all I need. so much fun.

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egh shame on me. I just realized i called him Mr J instead of Dr J. I guess thats just me watching batman too much. ^_^

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