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If I were to set you on fire, what would your fumes smell like?

Asked by cage (3123points) June 25th, 2008

Interesting question, yet probably the most valid of all time.

this is personality wise. so I’m going to say for me… a nice woody smoke, coz I like the out doors :)

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Oranges!!! Or the ocean…


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Poison gas killing all around me ahahaha. I spend all day messing with such things that can kill one.

Want to see my box of world war 2 cemicals??? (Sorry for the spelling)

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Wood smoke is a great smell.

I’d say pizza. Or burnt chocolate muffins.

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Oooh… beer. Have you ever poured beer onto hot rocks in a sauna? It smells really good.

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@richardhenry… that’s just a stupid answer noone does that…......... (great answer)

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Coffee that has burned in the pot all night.

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Two aromas: fresh coffee, and the smell of a baseball field in the morning.

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@lefteh the smell of a baseball field…. WTF?!?!?!? lol

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@cage: It totally has a smell. And it’s lovely. I spend so much time at my fields, it’s sort of rubbed off.
(Great question by the way, I wish there were more like this)

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Now now cage if lefteh thinks he would smell like a field who are we to judge.

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You should all join us in the chat!

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Creative quesstion, but bad tiiming for those of us in California sucking fumes, seeing flames instead of the sky. I live down the block from CalFire and I’ve never seen so many trucks and equipment in one place (and I’ve lived here 16 years).

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Marijuana. Oh that’s now.

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Whisky and A1 steak sauce! Yeah!

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Black and milds and sweet and sour chicken.

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smells like teen spirit.

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citrus blossoms

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Beer. Not because it smells good when it burns. But I spilled a significant amount on myself a little while ago and I haven’t changed my clothes yet.

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the smell of a perfectly smooth lake at around 7 am, and a boat revving the engine getting ready for a great day

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I have smelled a number of people burned to death and they all smell the same…Bar BQ. I have been a firefighter for 19 years.

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@richardhenry? If it smells anything close to when I cook Hebrew National Beef Hotdogs in beer, then you smell great!

As to the question asked, my backyard, right after it has rained. The flowers & wet grass. Clean fresh smell!!!

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gooch… too serious. Now I feel bad :(

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@ gooch – kill joy. JOKE. sorry to hear that. But we were discussing what may be seen as I guess, a happy side of it…..... oooh dear :(

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And the happy side of burning to death is….what? I’m with Gooch.

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Its better than being eaten by zombies.

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@gailcalled – God! Slating 2 of my question immediately, someone’s having a poor evening!

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Chocolate, no doubt. I’ve been a chocolatier for 20 years.

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cage… I like your question. Maybe if you asked: ” if we are what we take into our bodies, then what would you be comprised of” others would find your questions less inane. I feel you brother (in Australian accent).

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@ tinyfaery, exactly. If I were to ask my question in that way, I think most people would be like WTF MAN???? so that’s why I asked a fun normal question that everyone can understand and have an input to.

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I like this question too. The blood one is questionable, but that’s a different topic. This question is a question of CHAR-acter. (ok, bad joke) But really, it makes you think about yourself for a moment and what kinds of activities/foods/interests your into. Plus you get to see everyone else’s thoughts.

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randy/cage… the blood question could be: “If your body exuded your character through your blood, what color would it be?”

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Hhhmmmmmm, this just got interesting. =/

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well, thats for the blood question isnt it. So lets ask that there shall we.

I’m really sorry if I’ve upset some of you guys by having a bit of fun on here. didn’t realise that this place wasn’t allowed to be fun. and thank you for some of you guys for seeing that this isn’t a crappy question, it is a bit of fun :) if you wanna give a silly answer, go ahead, if you want a serious answer on why you should smell that way, congratulations. I don’t care either way as long as you enjoy yourself whilst you’re doing it.


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The woods on a summer day.

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Cage: I guess it just hit too close to home. Just a few days ago, at the corner of my neighborhood, I saw the hills on fire and flames shooting out, less than 3 miles from my house. I’ve had friends evacuated in another fire that came less than 1/2 mile from their home, not knowing what they’d find, if anything when they got back. A few years back, my lifelong friends and family in San Diego, sat, with their cars packed with what little they could put in them, waiting to hear that knock on the door in the middle of the night…and some did lose their homes. We had another fire less than two weeks ago, where animal control officers were out trying to stuff as many creatures as possible into their trucks, but more were lost than saved.

There are so many fires in our state right now, (over 1000) they just have to let some burn and save the ones that threaten homes. Yesterday I passed a fire engine from a county so far away that I couldn’t believe it, and that county has a huge fire in it as well. We can’t see the sky, it is hard to breathe, and we are at the beginning of the summer. Everytime I pass the CalFire station (which is often), I hope against hope that the flag isn’t at half-mast. I worry about brave people like gooch and wonder how in the heck they do it. They are fighting this in temps sometimes above 100 degrees F. so please forgive those of us that may seem a little touchy.

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a good steak slow-cooking on a coal grill.

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@seesul 400F is average but flashover is over 1800F… That’s HOT!

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I gotta be honest here: ever smell burning hair? Multiply that x100.

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If you burned me up, my fumes would smell like sugar and spice and everything nice, burnt. Because I am a girl.


Mr.Shiny Shoes? Leather of course! Lol.

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