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What are your favorite recipes with fresh ginger?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) November 10th, 2013

I’m going on a ginger binge! I found a place that sells it cheap and I bought a big batch of the stuff. I’d like to see how much I can use before I have to freeze it. I’d like to know your favorite recipes with fresh ginger. I’m especially interested in non-Asian recipes, as most fresh ginger recipes I already have are Asian.

Please don’t give me recipes that only have dried ginger in them. A combination of fresh and dried is fine, however. I found out that you can’t really substitute fresh ginger for dried. One teaspoon of fresh ginger is equal to 1/8th teaspoon of dried ginger. So you’d need half a cup of fresh ginger to substitute one teaspoon of dried ginger. This isn’t acceptable.

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Teriyaki Salmon rocks! Large salmon fillet(s), put garlic pieces in crevices, pour honey and then soy sauce (a good one!) over the top, ginger all over that to your taste, then cover with fresh herbs (optional).

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May I suggest Googling: Recipes with fresh Ginger ? I just tried it and there are a whole lot of great sounding recipes. One of them was blueberry, white chocolate and ginger cookies. Yum.

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I know how to google. But I wanted recipes that had been tested and other people said they liked them. That’s why I asked “What are your favorite recipes with ginger?.” instead of “Name a bunch of random recipes you googled that have ginger in them”

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@Skylight Everyone knows how to Google, but here on Fluther we are a Q&A community, so instead of just telling someone to bugger off, we try to give them suggestions for what we like, or maybe we have a specific website that we’ve happened upon. Also some of us (like me) love to talk about food and I often have a lot of weird, but delicious, ideas about combos that other folks might not think about.

I learned early on in my Fluther career, that it’s not polite to tell someone to just Google it, because they’ve probably already given that a go

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