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Why would I want to go in the chat room?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) June 25th, 2008

I have never been in any chat room, anywhere. I think I am chicken. Do you think it would enrich my Fluther experience? If so, how and why?

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Chat room = Goodtimes

Where is JP with the link?

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@bulb how come you’re never there? You just missed out on some great fun!

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I do need the link if I decide to take the plunge. I need more details, though. How would it differ from Fluthering?

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Imagine all of the back and forth banter in real-time

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@Eambos My baby was born yesterday, and I haven’t had much time for fluther!

Sorry, I still lurve you guys! I’ve been checking in on my iPhone here and there!

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I stuck my toe in, but it felt like I was at a party and had wandered up to a group in the middle of a conversation I didn’t understand. Awkward! Backing slowly out now . . .

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well, one reason is I am there! some other almost as important reasons are that you get to talk to other flutherers, learn more about their lives, and get to see where they are coming from in the answers and comments. usually its good fun and its very similar to fluthering except you get even faster responses and people tend to be a little more honest in the chat room. also, did i mention that i am there?

we would love to have you in the chat room marina! come back and talk to us :)

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Gratz @Bulbatron! I can’t imagine your happiness!

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@ marina – you can’t leave without saying bye! :(

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@PnL Ahhhhh, I have violated chatroom etiquette? I fall on my sword. Now what do I do? Go back and say good bye?

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well if it was anyone else, we would be enraged. but we will make an exception with you!

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Really? Seriously? I am a total neophyte and extemely gullible.

I think there must be more to it than you are all letting on. Do you, for example, PM someone and say meet me in the chatroom to talk more about X?

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i don’t know about others, but i have never PM-ed anyone asking them to “meet me in the chatroom”. usually there are always people in the chat room @ this time. but today the chat room has been pretty popular all day long (not common). The chat room crowd has some staple members but recently lots of new people have been checking it out which makes it all the more fun. I promise you we aren’t hiding any secrets about the chat room!

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I didnt know it existed but ill be there now

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Shilolo has some great stories from the doctor world he will tell you when your in there.

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and buster & jp will tell you the best ways to steal copper wiring ;)

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Do you the price of copper?! That’s a usefull skill. I’m in!

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bulbatron9 ! Congratulations Daddy! I am so happy for you. I hope everything went well.

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I’m a chat room addict. Even if I don’t post sometimes, I’m always following one or two specific channels.

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@uberbatman Um…it wouldn’t let me in…? Knock knock!!

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@Dutchess12 – that’s because this is the new link now.

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@PnL O, thanks! I was getting paranoid!!! :)

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I don’t use any chat, except for a few personal exchanges with family on AIM. I just don’t do well with small talk. I don’t even talk on the phone unless I absolutely have to. It’s face to face with me, or nothing. I tried out the Fluther chat, but I didn’t feel comfortable there.

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Chat’s the best for real-time convos. Not for everyone – but certainly worth a try – even for those who are bashful and timid. It’s different from chat – cuz it’s us.

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