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What is the most ridiculous story ever crossed your mind?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14947points) November 16th, 2013

To me it is the story about the relationship of all the comics I own (I just imagine the comics’ protagonists being real people, living together in a room (my room, to be exact). Each character represents a comic I own). I give the characters personalities, then think of a story for each of them (their everyday life, their feeling toward one another, their past…)
Sound ridiculous right? Have you ever thought of anything like that?

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Where do I start…

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Maybe we need a Fluther Gazette to share everyone’s quirks?

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In my story, everyone follows the ethic of reciprocity as a maxim. (Golden rule)

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The first one to come to mind…

On another social site, a member claimed that her husband walked out of his office to use his phone and was stricken with an asthma attack due to cigarette smoke. Curious, he followed the smell, and found the offender 2 blocks away, still smoking at his car.

So, the smoker lit up. The smoke drifted for 2 blocks. A phone conversation was begun and an asthma attack ensued. The impaired husband walked 2 blocks, and the cigarette smoker was still puffing away. That was ONE serious doobie!!

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One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever come across is a news story a while back:

A mother filed a lawsuit against the McDonald’s fast food chain for making her children obese.

Obviously this lady is a f***ing moron

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@Bluefreedom Yeah, she should have known that McDonald’s paid to have protective legislation passed after the cigarette manufacturers lost the first billion dollar suit. As did the gun and liquor lobbies.

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