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What is the best game system for Disney Infinity?

Asked by metadog (378points) November 16th, 2013

Hi! My kids really want Disney Infinity for Christmas. We have a Wii that is pretty old. We had heard that the Wii offers a stripped down gaming experience because the controller is less sophisticated and the resolution isn’t HD. We have been considering a new console any way (my son wants Mine craft and I am a Halo fan).

Would a Playstation or Xbox be a good move at this time?


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Unless they’ve taken the NSA Spy Camera/microphone away from the XBox, I wouldn’t buy one.

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I wouldn’t think resolution is much of an issue for a game like Infinity.

Why not wait until the Xbone comes out and buy a 360, they should be significantly cheaper after release. (And saving money should matter a bit since you’re going to be pouring a metric fuckton into Infinity figurines.)

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