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Why do some dance companies (and dance moms) dress the little girls up like miniature hookers?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23163points) November 16th, 2013

My daughter danced with her drill team tonight at a local event. There were other local school drill teams there, and a few dance companies.

I can understand the heavy makeup because of the stage lighting, but not disturbingly provocative clothing.

Two of the dance companies had their dancers dressed up in incredibly skanky outfits. Fishnets, teeny little black vinyl things that barely covered their butts and prepubescent breasts, and gave them extremely noticeable camel toe, etc… And one group even twerked a little bit on stage.

These girls ranged in age from about six to fourteen. What the hell is wrong with these dance companies and the parents who go along with it?

With so many people complaining about sexism these days, why are these people dressing their daughters up as miniature sex objects?

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I hated dance when my daughters were young. The whole competitive attitude over appearance makes me barf in my mouth a little bit.

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Ignorant parents.

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To get noticed! They think their kids would be noticed and this will make them popular. They never realize there are many disgusting people out there who watch this for pleasure. I recently read a news where a mother injected her 8-year old daughter with Botox in preparation for a beauty pageant. How could she do this? Parents must learn to have some respect for the young and dress them normal for a child not bizarre for even a hooker. Kids are meant to be cute and innocent not look like miniature sex objects.

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Probably because the parents let them…miniature fishnets should not even exist, that’s just gross.

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Personally, I believe that some of these companies have pedophiles designing the clothing and parents should start demanding that children be disqualify the moment they look like little hookers. They should be judged on their abilities. Plenty of time later to dress like a street walker.

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I’ve always had a problem with this. Beauty pageants for little kids are just as bad if not worse. I really don’t fucking understand it at all.

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Yeah, their parents are shallow, narrow minded simpletons using their brat kids as objects because they lack the sense that should scream out in their tiny heads, “what the fuck am I doing!?!”

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Grievously, two words: JonBenet Ramsey

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Exactly! It is ridiculous!
The local dance school put on performances at a festival with 3 or 4 age groups that went from, I’m guessing, 5 to 14 year olds. I started to watch but they were so swankily dressed and were emulating the latest Miley slut moves I started to get angry. I simply .walked away. This is stupid but I felt some people would think I was a pervert if I watched it. The whole thing made me uncomfortable.
This is also a guess: I figure the only people watching the performance for more than 30 seconds were parents, relatives, and other dance school attendees.

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@LuckyGuy That is kind of scary that there was a festival where anyone walking around could stand and watch these girls. Meaning pedophiles or even just young horny guys are watching young girls that are being paraded around as sex objects.
I think it is up to the parents to stop these things. Tell the dance companies that their daughters will not wear those skanky outfits.
But there are a butt load of ignorant parents out there that will do anything for their kids to win a trophy.

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To turn off the paedos.

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This mentality is along the same lines as some grown women who think that if a little makeup improves their appearance, then certainly applying two pounds of it must be even better…

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Because Las Vegas show girls are the epitome of dancing girls, and Las Vegas showgirls are often indistinguishable from hookers?

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A lot of people thought Jon Benet was dressing / dancing provocatively ; I’ve thought maybe Mrs Benet started this . I don’t know. But the mothers allow this to go on because they think their child will win the contest and that seems to be their only goal. Winning at any cost . Very sad.

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They are using children as toys or mannequins for their own purposes. It is is a kind of paedophilia and destroys childhood.

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It is stupidity, and they should have had an IQ test before being allowed to reproduce.

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I agree with all said above. It is also an issue with the mothers/parents, being so, unhealthily invested in promoting ( read PIMPING ) their children for their own vicarious and egotistical reasons. It is disgusting, depraved, shallow, to say the least, and they are setting these little girls up to be bitchy, jealous, insecure little prima donnas in their adulthoods.
I have an attractive daughter and she grew up learning about nature, animals, taking art classes, guitar lessons, “competing” with her birds in animal shows, her art in art shows.

In other words she was raised with SUBSTANCE and even now she is not overly concerned about her physical looks, as it should be.
She told me the other day that a man approached her on the street and said ” I just want to tell you how beautiful you are!” Sure, nice compliment but she’d much rather be painting than stripping at 25. lol

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I agree with all the above. I forgot to answer the comment I made on FB about cheerleaders being treated the same way….granted, they don’t look like hookers, but their skirts are designed to show as much as everything as possible when they do their routines. The routines themselves are often provocative. Why can’t we dress them in shorts like we would for any other athletic event?

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7 year olds doing Single Ladies What’s incredibly SAD and disgusting with this clip is…. these girls are incredibly talented. They’d be just as good, if not better, if they were wearing leggings and tank tops.

There’s a dance line school in Minnesota that dresses young girls provocatively and produces state championship quality dancers. The school feeds into Faribault High School, which has won the dance line state champions for 12 years straight—the parents want the championship so bad (for themselves?) that they will accept whatever the school asks of them and will go as far as to not report inappropriate behavior from the coaches because they want their kids to win too much.

I think these kind of parents lose sight of their child’s humanity and see their children as products to earn status with.

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That is so sad…what are some parents thinking??

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They were amazing though!

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How can this be sad AND amazing at the same time????

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@Yeahright the kids did an amazing job with the dancing. What is sad is that the adults involved agreed to dress them like strippers.

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