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What kind of body quirks do you have?

Asked by MikeMcG (53points) June 25th, 2008

For example, I have one dimple and my feet are too large for my height.

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I’m under height (for my weight, anyway.).

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I sneeze when I brush my hair or pluck my eyebrows.

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I stand with my legs crossed. Seems strange for a dude.

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I can dislocate almost every joint in my body at will. I can lick my elbow both ways (from the top and the bottom)... I’ve never heard of or found a tongue trick that I cannot do. I can wiggle my nose up and down without moving any (ANY) other part of my face.

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MikeMcG: When I smile a certain way I only have one dimple, too.

Umm.. I have a birthmark the shape of Texas on my back and I have a series of freckles on my neck/collarbone/chest/shoulder area in a Big Dipper arrangement.

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delerium- go on…

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hahahahaha. If I can thi- OH! I have elf ears.

I’ll try and think of others..

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Well, Delirium, you probably have a Darwinian Tubercle as myself :-)’s_tubercle

I can also move my eyebrows independently.

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I can do that nose trick too, del. My sister and one of my friends can as well. Those are the only ones I know of though.

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ugh, nate is one lucky boy, the most extravagant moves of the kamasutra could be pulled of with ease…

i myself can move my hand pretty far the other way, and stretch them pretty wide, but i think it’s just a side effect from guitar playing

oh, and if i’m not mistaken there’s a part of my brain, on the side, that’s grown different which enables me to unleash my awesome Asperger powers !

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I can melt forks with my thoughts

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I can clap rather loud with one hand. So when anyone asks, ” What is the sound of one hand clapping”, I show them.

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My left foot is 1/2 a shoe size bigger than my right. Sucks when I need to buy shoes.

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I can wiggle my ears, I could do one at a time, in the past. I learned to do that though. I have freckles like the Orion constellation on my arm. My feet have very high arches, which makes some shoes hurt, or really hard to put on and take off. I have terrible vision, but good hearing, and really great senses of taste and smell.

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Based on @del’s first quip, I think we should revisit the whole allowing for inline pics thing.

I have ridged fingernails. Oh. And I only had three wisdom teeth (which were pulled).

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I have a strange patch of coarse hair behind my right ear.

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My left shoulder stand just a bit higher than my right.

@beast, my dad has the same thing with his feet. Nordstrom shoe department sells him mixed pair shoes.

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@del Way to rile up all the guys with that double-jointed talk and some tongue and licking talk thrown in for good measure! You go, girl!

I have a short torso. It makes finding clothes strange, reaching for things on the top shelf near impossible. Luckily, my legs are long or I would never make my 5’ 4 1/2” height.

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i can do the “belly wave” or “belly roll”
i dunno why, because i never actually tried to learn it or anything, but i’ve been able to do it for as long as i can remember, it’s sort of weird. haha. but my friends think it’s pretty entertaining.

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do you have a jewell in your bellybutton?

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nah but that’d be pretty awesome. my mom thinks I should belly dance, haha

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I can roll each eye independent of the other. I don’t like to, because it nauseates me for some reason. Everyone hates seeing it, too.

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Delirium, do you have Ehlers- Danlos?

Looking at the sun makes me sneeze!

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I have this tongue. I was still losing baby teeth in high school…craziness! My friend and I are convinced that she is a descendant of an elf and me a gnome! LOL!

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I can turn my eyelids inside out

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atr, yes…my friend could do that. So freaky!

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scamp: my osteotherapist has never given me a name but that looks just like it. I also dont scar and have uncannily smooth skin. I really appreciate you giving me a name. It even mentions the pain which very few people seem to understand.

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I wondered because my daughter has Fibromyalgia, and while she was being diagnosed she saw several different doctors and therapists. The physical therapist told us about ED because she has several “lose joints” and baby soft skin too. She can bend her fingers so far back that most people cringe when they see her do it. Also her elbows bend inward quite a bit. At the doctor’s office I recently worked in, we had a patient with ED. My heart goes out to you. People are not very understanding of the pain people with ED and Fibromyalgia deal with.

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I just re-read the link I posted for you, and now I am very nervous. My daughter is 8 months pregnant! her diagnosis for ED was never fully confirmed or denied because she had so many other issues going on at the time. But the link says pregnancy can life threatening due to uterine rupture. She is already considered high risk because she has asthma in additon to the fibromyalgia. I’m calling her right now and telling her to mention this to her OB!

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Hooray for Fluther!

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I truly appreciate your understanding (and your information) and yay for fluther that you read that and can have her alert her doc! I wish her luck and a successful delivery. (and thanks again. I can’t tell you how much it helps to have a name.)

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And thanks to you too! If you hadn’t posted here, I would have never seen that. You may have saved her life! Then thousand cheers for delirium !!!

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My tongue is pretty long and can touch my nose pretty far up and used to be able to touch a little bit under my chin. I have freakishly long toes(my family calls them hands), my feet are also very flat.

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I have dimples of Venus (lower back dimples, just above my butt, some women have them, some don’t.)
When I walk my feet point inwards slightly, but it is noticeable.
I can bend my thumbs at over a 90 degree angle back on themselves.
My toes are quite separate (most people I have seen have their toes all close together), just a little bit more than usual and are naturally curled.
When I get stressed, my nose bleeds.
I have LOADS of lines on the palm of my hand. (Compared to other people I know)
When I accidentally pluck a hair from my head, I sneeze.

Wow I sound like a freak.
LOL oh dear…

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