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Are you secretly weird?

Asked by marauder76 (390points) February 3rd, 2009

In what way or ways are you wonderfully weird?

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I love cold weather, super cold, and cloudy! I love zombie movies, I try to disappear whenever possible, and I watch FOX News.

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Aren’t we all? It’s what makes us special :)
My weird features include, but are not limited to:
I don’t like steak.
My favorite book is a huge dictionary.
I always wear shoes unless I’m sleeping or showering.

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It’s no secret!

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I’m not that secret about it.

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I’m publically weird.

One privately weird thing I do: When driving alone, I make up blatantly innappropriate songs -and sing them aloud.

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No, I’m quite open about it!!!

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Secretly weird? You are being far too generous. I am an absolute freak in a 1960’s acid trip kind of way. I hear in stereophonic sound, I see in kaleidoscopic patterns, I taste the rainbow, and I become one with nature whenever the mood hits me.

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I’m 100% normal. trying to keep a straight face

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@jonsblond The only one of those things that’s weird to me is watching FOX news. Unless you’re watching it for the LOLs instead of for information.

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In a weird way, I’m normal.

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@MacBean: I watch FOX news for the LOLs!

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I’m not going to lie… I am a genuine freak in the sheets ;)

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I talk to myself all the time.

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Sometimes when I’m walking around the school during a long break, I randomly swear. Sometimes I turn it into a tune and replace jingle bells with the word fuck, for every single word.

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Yeah, so don’t tell anyone about it.

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I might think I am secretly weird but my kids see right through me and have no hesitation about announcing it in public in loud voices: “Mom, you’re weird!” My response is “Yes, I know I am. It’s genetic.” And then I wait to see if they get it.

Since only seven other people in the Western Hemisphere besides me are interested professionally in land snails and slugs, I should think that should make me plenty weird. Don’t you agree?

I once took a plastic box full of slugs on a two-day Greyhound bus ride and fed them Cheerios periodically. I don’t think that is particularly weird, but the other passengers didn’t seem to agree. I had both seats entirely to my self all the way from Seattle to Tucson.

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There are so many attributes to a person, that everyone has to be weird in some way, or secretly weird in some way.

I, of course, am absolutely right at the top of the bell curve, no matter what attribute you are measuring. I am utterly and completely average! Anyone who is different from me is weird!

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You certainly don’t know us very well. Stick around, our quirks are showing.

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I’ve always thought I was normal & it was the rest of the world that was weird! No?

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I coin cute, but odd names for the people and things I love. (Have called my spouse snorkenstein.)

I lapse into what I call my tiny voice. (Don’t ask.)

I sometimes watch the Disney Channel.

I sing to my dog and have composed with my husband several paeans to his virtue a la “We Gather Together to Make Much of Mackie.”

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@Marina: Lurve and LOL for “snorkensein”.

I love pet names.

My daughter is The Boopachetta and my wife is Ducky.

ooh, my wife just joined Fluther. She’ll kill me for that ;^)

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I like to talk sexy to my SO in an Elmo voice ‘cause she gets absolutely freaked out.

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I’m very openly weird.

I like to make random noises throughout the day, I purposely dance and move like a dork when music comes on, and I have some pretty crazy theories for just about everything.

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Well, let’s see.
I meow. or maow. or mew, sometimes, and i’d like to point out that they are all used in different contexts (as i have pointed out to richard before). I’m really, really, really uncomfortable eating with new people. I’m dating someone 3000 miles away from me.
I still watch Sailor Moon. The main thing that makes me weird to my peers, though, is that I’m the chick who actually engages in intellectual debate with my professors in class, and apparently you’re not supposed to do that because I get “wtf r u doin?” looks every time I pipe up.

Whatevs. I’d rather be smart and weird than boring and normal.

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@timeand_distance lurve for the meow/maow/mew… I “mer” (Really it’s more like a “Mmmmeerrrrrrrrrr” It’s usually during an awkward moment silence or when people are ignoring me. One of my close friends caught on though and makes sounds back at me now.

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@timeand_distance, lurve for the meow. “Happy Birthday” is especially joyous when meowed. Loudly. In a public place. While everyone else is singing the words. Or left on someone’s phone as an unidentified birthday message.

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@AlfredaPrufrock Yes, but I suspect no one says, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

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There’s no secret about it. Out of all my friends they say ok the coolest guy they know because I’m weird, and am not afraid to show it.

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@girlofscience Me, too. Are you also a little sad about BlagLOLjevich being booted from politics? The hair, the narcissism, the martyr complex… So much absurdity, gone, just like that. Alas. Who’s going to quote Tennyson and compare himself to Ghandi and MLK and Nelson Mandela for our entertainment now?

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@MacBean Not quite gone. He was on David Letterman last night.

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No, everyone knows I am weird. Probably the weirdest kid in my class.

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