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Looking for insight on the Mirena IUD?

Asked by eferrara (145points) November 24th, 2013

Long story short: I have lots of pain during sexual intercourse and heavy & long menstrual periods. Birth control pills seem to make it worse. I saw a gynecologist who recommended the Mirena IUD and I have an appointment to have it inserted tomorrow. I am terrified because I’ve read a lot of horror stories. I have a weird uterus (by that I mean it’s like backwards or flipped or something… can’t quite remember the correct term… retrograde?) and uterine fibroids. I am freaking out that something will go wrong during insertion. Or that it will perforate my uterus. And I am starting to think twice about my decision. Does anyone have personal experience with this or know anyone who’s had an IUD inserted?

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I had the mirena about 6–7 years ago.

It was seated wrong and I would spot all the time. I could feel it every time I sat down and every time I had intercourse I called the doc after a month or so.. she said it would feel better in another month or two. I waited a year. No change.

I was talking about it later with a different doc and she said that it was common to have problems if you hadn’t yet had children.

I went with the nuva ring from there on out. It kinda sucks because sometimes it falls out during sex. I always have to check the sheets. And insertion isn’t all that.

I had a boyfriend who liked to remove it during said he didn’t like the feel. But as it releases hormones that was annoying but fine.

It is probably the hormones that are causing you issues though…. Hmmm… Well you could try the Lorena maybe they have improved it or have.a better option. You can always have it removed. Or condoms.

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I don’t know anyone pesonally who had a horror story on insertion. Some people say it hurt badly for a few seconds, some people say the pain was no big deal. I think women vary a lot on how they perceive pain.

Most women I know in real life either felt crazy with Mirena or complained of spotting. One friend of mine complained about her hair falling out more than usual, and her doctor’s nurse said she hea the same complaint from more than one woman. But, here on fluther there are several jellies who are very happy with it.

The good thing is you can always take it out if you have symptoms you aren’t happy with.

Ask your doctor about taking two Alleve or three Advil an hour before the procedure to reduce cramping. Maybe they recommend that already, I have no idea? I just know when I have had procedures done that open my cervix that is what a doctor usually recommends. Check with yours first before taking anything.

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I remember your earlier distressing quesions about your ulcerative colitis and your earlier mention of these cramps and pain with intercourse.

There seem to be powerful reasons to hold off on the IUD until you have sorted out the other GI issues. Do you have a PCP who can help you prioritize the Gyn. and GI issues? The fibroids add a further complication.

Can you, for example, skip intercourse for the moment and substitute other ways of finding sexual gratification with your partner?

You need a doctor who is paying close attention to offer you some guidance, no matter how well meaning we may be.

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I had a Mirena IUD for two years, which was recently removed for reasons completely unrelated to the IUD itself. I had no problems with it whatsoever.

The insertion was rather painful, but I was 31 at the time and have never been pregnant. The doctor gave me a couple of pills to be inserted vaginally the night before my appointment (sorry, I don’t remember what the drug was, but it was intended to dilate my cervix to make insertion easier). I didn’t take any analgesics prior to the appointment, though I wish I had. The pain was pretty bad, admittedly. I had some serious cramping the day of insertion, which finally went away once I was able to take some Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen (recommended by my doc—be careful when mixing medications, of course!) and lie down for a while.

Like I said, however, I didn’t have any problems with Mirena once it was inserted. It was there for 2 years and I didn’t notice it at all, and when I had it removed recently it was a “take a deep breath and exhale”-type two-second ordeal.

Best of luck to you; I hope you have a good experience with it!

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Sorry, don’t need that so I don’t know anything about it.—-too old.

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My mother got Mirena to treat her heavy bleeding during menstruation. Unfortunately, she hates it. She has a lot of severe cramping with it and has had numerous infections. The doctor keeps assuring her nothing is wrong with the placement or IUD itself but her body says otherwise. She doesn’t get a period anymore, so it did treat her heavy bleeding. But the pain it comes with isn’t worth it to her.

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