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Can one store their blood with a hospital in case you need a transfusion?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) December 4th, 2013

Also when getting a blood test can the lab tech take an extra vial for storage for those who are squeamish about making a full donation at once.

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I have heard of people banking a bit of their own blood,when they are due to have surgery,but I don’t know how true that is,all you can do is ask your Doctor.

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Plasma yes, whole blood no.

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You can if you are preparing for surgery, but as a general rule no. Most blood has too short a lifespan to make it practical.

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Yes. It is called Autologous Blood Donation, very straightforward and done routinely by people preparing for surgery.

“Blood may be collected up to 42 days before the date of use, but no later than seven working days prior to date of anticipated use.”

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I have heard about routine blood storage which is the most commonly transfused blood product, and involves refrigeration but usually not freezing. Refrigerated blood is viable for only 35–42 days, so surgery would have to be scheduled within that period to make use of the blood.
Nowadays many laboratories offer autologous blood-banking services, including long-term frozen blood storage. The blood is frozen at 120 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in some complex procedure. Later they thaw it and the antifreeze is removed under sterile conditions. It has been has reported that blood frozen and stored in this manner can be kept safely up to 10 years.

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This is done routinely for Jehovah’s Witnesses whose religion prohibits blood transfusions so its not exactly a new concept.

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Athletes call it blood doping.

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This reminds me of that one Seinfeld episode, where Kramer kept trying to store his blood in the blood bank but the people told him no, so then he started storing them in Jerry’s refrigerator!

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Did someone say blood…? I don’t believe a hospital would store it for you.

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^ Then we will let you hold on to it.

Surely you can be trusted.

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The hospital will.

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